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Podcast 10: Soul alignment healing

{Unbreakable: Episode 10} Soul alignment healing   I am that I am What is it that your soul is yearning for in for 2017? In this special episode of Unbreakable, I team up with my good friend Alana Helbig and we bring you a soul alignment healing balance to align you to your soul’s desires…

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Podcast 9 – Brave intuitive life with Flora Bowley

{Unbreakable: Episode 9} Flora Bowley   Brave intuitive life Imagine life as your canvas, but instead of having a clear plan that you stoically cling to, you let the art unfold and evolve as you go. When you start worrying and contracting in fear, wondering if this is it or if you are good enough,…

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Podcast 8: Kathy Gardiner – Where there is life, there is hope

{Unbreakable: Episode 8} Kathy Gardiner   Where there is life, there is hope At the tender age of 25, whilst living on the other side of the world, away from the loving arms of everyone she knew, Kathy Gardiner was given the news that she had cancer – or to be more precise, melanoma. For…

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Podcast 7: I am now – daily practice

{Unbreakable: Episode 7} I am now – daily practice Building your unbreakable muscle For many years I was lost. I was living a facade. Going through the motions, I didn’t know myself, so I felt entirely fragile and breakable. Life is always going to have tough moments, so it is important to build up our…

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Podcast 6 – Whole hearted love

{Unbreakable: Episode 6} Keri Krieger   Wholehearted love   You are young, you are married, everything looks perfect…. yet in your heart you know something is not right. This was the situation for this week’s unbreakable guest, rockupuncture founder Keri Krieger. There was a part of her asking “Why would anyone in their right mind…

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Podcast 5 – Dr Rach Wyndham

{Unbreakable: Episode 5} Dr Rach Wyndham   Ask your heart “Ask your heart, does this make me expand or shrivel? – it will tell you”. These are some wise words from my this week’s episode of unbreakable where I chat with medical doctor, naturopath and healer Dr Rach Wyndham. Rach is currently working with the…

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Podcast 4 – Tahlee Rouillon

{Unbreakable: Episode 4} Tahlee Rouillon   Source is source   “I didn’t know how to exist outside of my relationship” The soothing music used in the Unbreakable podcast is the work of this week’s guest, Tahlee Rouillon. Tahlee is the creator of the beautiful, healing meditation music over at Sonesence. Listening to her music makes you feel…

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Podcast 3 – Nicole Mathieson

{Unbreakable: Episode 3} Nicole Mathieson No agenda, just presence   In this episode of unbreakable I call on the expertise of podcast interviewing queen Alana Helbig to turn the questions over to me. Alana asks me for my bathroom floor story but I simply can’t be limited to just one!! In this interview I share:…

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Podcast 2 – Susie Dureau

{Unbreakable: Episode 2} Susie Dureau The choice to leave sadness behind   In this episode of unbreakable I speak to Sydney based artist and long-time friend of mine Susie Dureau. Thirteen years ago Susie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Eva, only to lose her a few hours later. The worst thing you…

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Podcast 1 – Alana Helbig

{Unbreakable: Episode 1} Alana Helbig Free falling with moments of grace In this very first episode of Unbreakable I interview my podcast coach and good friend Alana Helbig. When I first met Alana she had just ended a five year relationship that she was numbing the pain of with drugs and alchohol. But it wasn’t…

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