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Tahlee Rouillon


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“I didn’t know how to exist outside of my relationship”
The soothing music used in the Unbreakable podcast is the work of this week’s guest, Tahlee Rouillon. Tahlee is the creator of the beautiful, healing meditation music over at Sonesence. Listening to her music makes you feel like angels are holding you up, an incredible coping tool for anyone on the bathroom floor. But the amazing thing that Tahlee shares with us in this episode is that if it weren’t for her devestating break up, Sonesence would not be in existence today. From the ashes of that break up, Tahlee discovered her creative genius and has inspired and helped thousands of people with it so far.

Tahlee also shares with us:

+ how utterly devastating this break up was for her and why

+ how taking responsibility for her part in the relationship break down has led her to feeling so much more secure in herself

+ the similarities between the healing process and her creative process

+ her intimate relationship with her spiritual guide and how it has been her greatest support (this is just beautiful)
This is so incredible intimate, there is so much goodness for those break up moments. Enjoy

Listen in:



Resources mentioned:

Attached  by Dr Levine 
Sonesence  meditones 
Jo Klima designer
Nicky Mckay  web designer


More about Tahlee:

Tahlee Rouillon is music composer extraordinaire at Sonesence. She offers peace seekers an easy way to achieve instant calm with a sonic shortcut called meditones.
After going through many difficult changes, Tahlee also created The Gentle Transition e-course for other sensitive souls struggling with change (who want to feel a whole lot better).
When she isn’t blissing out to music, you can find Tahlee wandering about the rainforest, eating good food with good friends and laughing out loud. Really loud. When you hear it, you’ll know.
She also creates bespoke meditation music for other wellness entrepreneurs and hangs out on Instagram a lot.

Where to find her:

Website: www.sonesence.com

Facebook: sonesence

Instagram: sonesence_music

Words of wisdom:

Tahlee unbreakable podcast quote
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The music used throughout this podcast is a snippet of my Heal your heart meditation by Sonesence. If you are on the bathroom floor, check out the meditones tracks by Sonesence for effortless relaxation.
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