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Unbreakable podcast Nicole Mathieson
{Unbreakable: Episode 1}
Alana Helbig
Free falling with moments of grace

In this very first episode of Unbreakable I interview my podcast coach and good friend Alana Helbig.

When I first met Alana she had just ended a five year relationship that she was numbing the pain of with drugs and alchohol.

But it wasn’t until she found out that her ex had fallen in love just a few short months later that she cracked Broken, lost and so unsure of who she was in the world she turned up at my clinic door

Alana shares with us:

+ how she made the journey – from dark & broken to soul-guided

+ how her soul offers her hope and where she finds that

+ how it is not always easy and how the human part of her puts up a fierce fight

+ plus her soul connection secrets

If you are lost, broken or stuck in the darkness, this one is for you.

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More about Alana

Alana Helbig is podcast mentor and podcast host. She is passionate about living with purpose, awakening to truth and following the soft whispers of the soul.

As the host of Untangled – a hugely popular podcast series that harnesses the ancient and powerful story-telling nature of women in exploring the sacred yet dark aspects of soul awakening – Alana helps thousands of women all over the world cultivate a deeper soul connection and realign back into the magical free-flow of their soul path.

As the host of Podcast with Heart and author of the guidebook series Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers, Alana uses just the perfect blend of soul and strategy, to guide women into the heart and essence of their podcasting message, igniting powerful and purposeful conversation through the podcasting platform.

Where to find her

Website: www.alanahelbig.com

Facebook: AlanaHelbigBiz

Instagram: @alana.helbig

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Also, can you relate? Do you have your own bathroom floor moment that brought you to your knees and helped you find your unbreakable spirit? I would love to hear from you.

Leave a comment below or email me hi (at) nicolemathieson.com

The music used throughout this podcast is a snippet of my Heal your heart meditation by Sonesence. If you are on the bathroom floor, check out the meditones tracks by Sonesence for effortless relaxation.

If you are thinking of starting your own podcast. Do it!! It is so expansive and fulfilling. But don’t do it alone. Grab these guidebooks and resources from Alana Helbig for the most soulful, graceful and tech savvy help around.


  1. Alana on November 2, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    Thank you so much for holding this space, Nicole and for bringing a voice to those parts of our human lives that is often shamed and covered up. Your work is transformational and I can’t wait to see the magnificent change your podcast gifts to the world.

    • Nicole on November 7, 2016 at 1:37 pm

      Oh thank you so much Alana. I truly appreciate your loving guidance and your open hearted input. xxN

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