Guided Meditations

Downloadable meditation tracks created by Nicole Mathieson to help you navigate your emotions with more ease.

Nourish You

A 5-minute guided meditation

A meditation to help you feel centred and stable within — especially when you are having relationship wobbles.

This free guided meditation will help you get out of your head and into connection with your body. It's hugely powerful, because when we nourish ourselves, our inner world and our couple frequency both start to feel a lot more stable.

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Sweet Soul Whispers

A 6-minute guided meditation

A message from your inner soul, an invitation to lean in and let yourself be held by your own inner self: "I got you. I am here for you in all that you need. I am never going to leave."

This free guided meditation will help soothe your busy mind, ease the burden on your shoulders and help you find your inner strength.

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Self-Soothe After Rupture

A 7-minute guided meditation

When we are feeling triggered, flushed with emotion, afraid, angry, resentful or unsupported, we don't tend to make the best choices for our relationships.

While your feelings may be valid and your points hold some truth, the best thing to do when emotions run high is step back, breathe and calm yourself down. This meditation will help you self-soothe.

Free — listen online or download and keep forever

Heal Your Heart guided meditation

Heal Your Heart

A 10-minute guided meditation

Find your trust in yourself and your heart's capacity to effortlessly transform your struggles into ease.

This guided meditation brings you back to the healing wisdom of your heart and soothes the ache, helping you step closer to your relationship with yourself and to love.

  • "Best guided meditation I’ve ever done." — Kristen
  • "Now, whenever I feel fear, pain or sorrow in my heart, this meditation has become my elixir." — Alana

$9 — download and keep forever

Open to Sensuality

An 11-minute guided meditation

Open yourself to an inner sense of safety and wellbeing, and connect to your sensual self.

This free guided meditation helps expands your sacral chakra, getting you gently moving your hips and inviting you to expand into the fear holding your back from your own connection to the sensory, sensual experience of your body.

Free — listen online or download and keep forever

Loving Eyes

A 12-minute guided meditation

In a world so obsessed with beauty, it's easy to start being overly judgemental and critical of ourselves and our own bodies. Our loving voice is quieter and not always so easy to hear as the critical one.

This free guided meditation will take you out of the critical, judging eyes and return you to your loving, accepting eyes.

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Dissolve Resistance

A 12-minute guided meditation

Inviting the feeling of giving yourself abundant pleasure and love can be uncomfortable for some of us.

This free guided meditation helps you move through the tension, a healing process that helps dissolve resistance and open yourself to pleasure.

Free — listen online or download and keep forever