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I wrote my love a letter

I needed to say some stuff to my husband which bubbled up from a morning meditation where my heart opened to the rising sun. My feelings led me to the yearnings of my soul. My soul is always the compass, through my feelings. Even when I am unaware of my truth and my needs, I…

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Want to feel alive, peaceful, sexy?

Have you set any New Year’s resolutions? This year I am setting my resolutions with a different approach. Usually we set our goals around the ideas of achieving things, what I’m doing is setting my goals on how I want to feel. This is the brain child of soul leader Danielle LaPorte, and I think…

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You will come back

You are light. Expansive and free. But it is not a case of getting it and that’s it. You get it, Then you forget it, Or you forget your power. Then you remember, And you will come back again. But this time you have more experiential knowledge of what it is to embody the growth.…

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Get more support and a happy man

As women we can be so strong. We juggle everything and rarely ask for help. Keeping all those balls in the air all the time and trying to look after our menfolk can be overwhelming. Our men want to help but we don’t know how to fit that in or how to decipher the offer…

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Nicole Mathieson

Hi, I'm Nicole Mathieson, a relationship and body image coach, couple therapist and author.

This blog is designed to help teach couples practical ways to cultivate a deeper understanding of one another, find safety and connection in relationships, navigate difficult conversations and repair after conflict.