Podcast 10: Soul alignment healing

Nicole Mathieson Kinesiologist, confidence coach, Unbreakable
{Unbreakable: Episode 10}
Soul alignment healing


I am that I am

What is it that your soul is yearning for in for 2017?
In this special episode of Unbreakable, I team up with my good friend Alana Helbig and we bring you a soul alignment healing balance to align you to your soul’s desires for 2017.
We put a call out to our communities asking each woman to respond with their soul anchoring word. We collated them all into one powerful statement and then worked together to bring you a collective energy healing.
If you did not get your word for 2017 to us, don’t stress. This healing is powerful for you whether you gave us your word or not. If you can resonate with any of this healing, then it is for you.
We cover;
+ The way the heart healing modality works
+ How to centre your energies in preparation for a balance
+ How to feel in to your discomfort and offer presence
+ The powerful healing elixir of being there with your heart

Just a heads up: This is the first time I have brought a live healing to the world and it feels both vulnerable and exciting. I hope you love it.

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Resources mentioned:

Alana Helbig – www.alanahelbig.com
Alana’s podcast Untangled – www.alanahelbig.com/untangled/
Heart flow healing modality – www.nicolemathieson.com/hearthealing

Words of wisdom:


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The music used throughout this podcast is a snippet of my Heal your heart meditation by Sonesence. If you are on the bathroom floor, check out the meditones tracks by Sonesence for effortless relaxation.

If you are thinking of starting your own podcast. Do it!! It is so expansive and fulfilling. But don’t do it alone. Grab these guidebooks and resources from Alana Helbig for the most soulful, graceful and tech savvy help around.

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