Individual & Couples Counselling

Hi, I'm Nicole, relationship and body image coach, couple therapist and author.

Let me guess...

You are ready to do intimacy (with yourself and others) differently.

You have been doing things the way you thought they had to be done. It worked for a while. But now it just feels critical, negative, oppressive, stuck and old.

You want things to change.

You want to feel comfortable being who you are, and feel less frustrated, critical, picky and alone.


You want more.

More (deep) connection, more freedom to be truly you, more intimacy (in the true sense of the word , with your partner, with other humans and most of all with yourself), better tools for resilience, better communication skills and much better sex (even though you convince yourself you don't need it).

I help individuals and couples who:
  • Are in relationships that are feeling numb, tumultuous or disconnected
  • Are not sure whether to stay or go
  • Have lost their passion, attraction or libido 
  • Want to stop feeling angry, resentful and overly sensitive
  • Want to be able to share their needs with their partner without conflict
  • Feel lost and want to know themselves, their desires and how to find their truth
  • Want support and guidance while looking for love
  • Want support and guidance as they go through a break-up
  • Are ready to make peace with their bodies
  • Want to finally love who they are
  • Want to get some relationship skills and do this love thing well

Your counselling options

Counselling sessions are held online or in person.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: at 68/283 Given Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane

Wednesdays: at Vera Women's Wellness in Samford. Book here.

Individual counselling

50-minute session
Online or in-person

Couple therapy

60-minute session
In-person (Brisbane or Samford)


For therapists
Online or in-person

Frequently asked questions:

The choice you make here is dependent upon your context and preferences. It may also change over time.

  • A psychologist may be the best choice if there are more complex or serious issues within the partnership such as: serious mental health issues, addiction, PTSD, bipolar, trauma, domestic violence, etc.
  • Couple therapy is an effective choice for many, especially if both parties feel ready and engaged.
  • Individual relationship counselling may be the best choice for you if you want more understanding and control over yourself, your reactions and emotions, you will be able to understand and have a positive impact upon your relationship and your partner.

There is no fixed time that is best; however, if you are feeling negative towards your relationship, my general advice is to see someone as early as possible.
If things are generally okay, one-to-one relationship coaching or couple therapy can still be a very powerful and transformative opportunity to create change, and take your relationship to the next level.

This counselling and coaching cannot promise to save your relationship or marriage. The therapy will aim to hold a safe space for you to explore your truth, it will help you learnt he skills needed to communicate better, stay out of conflict and find more joy in your partnership. However, through this process it might become clear to you that the best outcome for everyone is to end the relationship.

Yes, while I am based in Brisbane, Australia, I see clients from around the world via Zoom. As long as your time zone meets my schedule, we can work together.

My role is to support you wherever you find yourself in your relationship journey. I use the three pillars framework, but I do not have fixed method or a process that I box you into. Instead, I meet you where you are currently at and together we go where you are ready and comfortable to explore and expand.

Feedback from a new client: “Thank you, Nicole. I have never done anything like this before. I was a bit scared, but you made that so easy for me.”

My approach is heart based, therefore fully accepting of who you are, non-judgemental and present. 

Some of the ways we may explore things within a session are:

  • exploring your concerns, issues and goals
  • practices to tune in to and process feelings
  • raising awareness of beliefs, narratives or fears that are holding you back
  • looking at where idealism and expectations are creating tension
  • examining where any unhealthy behaviour patterns come from
  • learning practices to interrupt patterns that are not helpful
  • comforting and offering support and comfort to the upset parts within
  • communication skill building and practice

Yes. Please do the following:
- Fill in the forms provided
- Think about your aims and goals for the work
- Be ready for and committed to your own growth and healing
- Be drug and alcohol free

This is dependent on the individual or couples involved. It can vary but generally I would suggest you start with the aim of 4 sessions to give it a good chance and then see how you go from there.

Yes! The level to which you work on the homework between sessions makes all the difference. I give my clients focus tasks to complete as homework.

The best way to confirm if you would like to work with me is to see if you resonate with my words and style. Feel free to send me an email with any questions to

I am not able to offer you healthcare rebates and I'm afraid couple therapy is not eligible for medicare rebates.

After our session I went home a different woman - the wholesome, relaxed, present woman I've been yearning to unearth again. Everything slowed down. There was so much space and presence and love.

Kimberley Kevan // Occupational Therapist

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