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{Unbreakable: Episode 3}
Nicole Mathieson
No agenda, just presence


In this episode of unbreakable I call on the expertise of podcast interviewing queen Alana Helbig to turn the questions over to me. Alana asks me for my bathroom floor story but I simply can’t be limited to just one!!

In this interview I share:

+ the moment where the tension became so intense that my body cracked and I was forced to face my fears and look within

+ the shame shit storm that led me to the break down and where it came from.

+ what exactly I was so afraid of…….

+ a much more recent bathroom floor moment I had with my husband and how it led me to the decision to rise up strong NOW.

+ my view on the healing power of being present with feelings.

+ plus why I am so passionate about bringing these stories to the world in the form of this podcast.

So much gratitude to my podcast mentor Alana for bringing her skills to this space. It feels really great to be one of the stories here.


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More about Nicole

Nicole Mathieson is a kinesiologist, life coach and host of the Unbreakable podcast. Her work is based on developing an intimate connection with the heart and seeing feelings as signposts to our truth. Nicole has a passion for transforming those moments of feeling lost, broken and all out of hope into catalysts for deep inner change. She helps people rise up after break down/ break up, stronger, clearer and more truly themselves than ever before.
In essence Nicole;s message is “You are going to be okay. There is a part of you that is unbreakable and this could be the start of something even better.”
While you are here, grab “sweet soul whispers” a soothing audio meditation with the words you need to hear when you are lost and broken.

Where to find her

Website: right here

Facebook:  NicoleMathiesonpage

Instagram:  @nicole_mathieson

Words of wisdom


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Also, can you relate? Do you have your own bathroom floor moment that brought you to your knees and helped you find your unbreakable spirit? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or email me hi@nicolemathieson.com.

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