Do you ever compare yourself to others, and feel like you don’t measure up?

This is not due to a lack of good looks, self-confidence or effort. It’s the Beauty Load in action, and you are not alone.

Our personal perception of our beauty, or the lack of it, can make us feel anything from numb to anxious, stressed and ashamed, and at worst like we don’t belong and that we are not worthy of being loved.

In the Beauty Load, counsellor Nicole Mathieson exposes the damaging and unrealistic beauty pressures society places on women, and shares how to let go of the struggle, feel confident about who you are in the world, and trust that you are worthy of love and connection — just by being you.

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'The Beauty Load shines a hard-hitting light on what so many women (myself included!) have been hugely impacted by, but never had the words—or the courage—to express.

Through her use of beautifully interwoven personal stories, Nicole normalises the unexpressed internal battles the Beauty Load causes and the detrimental impacts it has, and teaches us how to shift our relationship with ourselves and our bodies.

The Beauty Load will improve your intimate relationships, friendships, and sense of self, and help you milk all of the richness that life has to offer.' 


— Soulful copywriter for heart-centred businesswomen
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'This is a much-needed book, and I will certainly recommend it to my clients. As I read it, I was flooded with warmth for Nicole, for myself and for all women who suffer with the Beauty Load.

The Beauty Load is inescapable really, isn’t it. I can’t imagine any woman who doesn’t experience it. The book is very accessible, easy to read and motivating. Nicole writes in a warm and engaging manner.'


— Psychologist and author of Not Forgotten: They called me Number 10 at Neerkol Orphanage

About the Author

Nicole Mathieson has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her writing, speaking, podcasts and work as a counsellor.

In the therapy room, Nicole sees the Beauty Load doing its self-esteem-stealing damage in real time as she helps her clients grapple with not feeling good enough to love.

By sharing her own awkward stories and negative self-talk, Nicole inspires a deep exhale of recognition from her clients and readers alike, who, for possibly the first time, realise they are not alone, not crazy and absolutely not inadequate.

The Beauty Load is Nicole’s first book.

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'In The Beauty Load, Nicole Mathieson gently guides us beyond the hall of mirrors that is the modern pressure to be beautiful. Without pausing to question how much of our precious time and energy is invested in keeping the ‘shoulds’ of how we look satiated, we become blind to our own true, deep beauty within.

If you have ever questioned where external expectations of beauty end, then read this book. The Beauty Load strips everything back to remind us that it isn’t what we look like that matters but how connected we are to ourselves and those we cherish.'


— Confidante to Women in Power and author of Permission: Personal liberation for switched-on women

'Nicole’s raw personal journey and compelling professional insight have come together in the most spectacular way in The Beauty Load. The wisdom within is a call to inner freedom and deeply unconditional self-love.

Nicole shines a light on the factors contributing to our deflated self-image and inner doubt, and guides us towards a more truly beautiful way. It’s time we heed this profound message and love ourselves relentlessly.'


— Spiritual wayshower and author of The Call of Intuition