Podcast 8: Kathy Gardiner – Where there is life, there is hope

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{Unbreakable: Episode 8}
Kathy Gardiner


Where there is life, there is hope

At the tender age of 25, whilst living on the other side of the world, away from the loving arms of everyone she knew, Kathy Gardiner was given the news that she had cancer – or to be more precise, melanoma. For Kathy, her bathroom floor moment was more of a cry her eyes out on the London overland train in front of a lot of people.

What entailed was a decade of highs and lows on the rollercoaster ride of life-threatening illness. But what shines through with crystal clarity is the unbreakable spirit that has been honed and polished in the process.

Kathy also shares with us:

+ The importance of trusting your gut instincts – throughout the journey

+ The big shifts and changes that she has made that have helped her feel more in control

+ How she learned to honour herself, her choices and her desires, even in the midst of big medical decisions that impacted all her loved ones

+ Her incredible stubborn as a mule fighting spirit – which tells her that where there is life, there is hope


Listen in to this pocket of hope:

Resources mentioned:

Jess Ainscough
Yvette Luciano
The Naked Gardiner foundation (see below)

More about Kathy:

Kathy Gardiner is a writer and creative, a (sometimes) reluctant speaker, a whole-foods foodie; a cancer thriver; an awareness renegade and patient advocate; a joy seeker; a vintage collector and most importantly a fur-mama!

Battling melanoma since the age of 25 and terminally diagnosed with Advanced Metastatic Melanoma, three days before her 33rd birthday, Kathy has undertaken a life transformation from stressed out corporate-overachiever facing terminally diagnosed Melanoma… to practicing mindfulness, clean eating and living, and navigating a path of self-love, positivity and inner healing as she shares her honest and ‘Naked’ journey with the world through The Naked Gardiner.

Granted compassionate access to ground-breaking immunotherapy treatment, Kathy continues to fight her prognosis while on a personal mission to advocate for melanoma patients in Australia and abroad, while supporting local creatives with a message to ‘make a difference in the world’. In October 2015, Kathy received a ‘no evidence of disease’ result; presently she takes each day as it comes. Kathy’s mantra in life is to open the world’s eyes and hearts to living a positive; joy fulfilled and nourished life by following her mantra to… Love.  Accept. Believe. Nourish. Live.

Where to find her:

Website: www.thenakedgardiner.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kathymgardiner.tng/
Instagram: @thenakedgardiner
Twitter: @nakedgardiner

And her foundation

Website is under construction www.thenakedgardinerfoundation.org.au
Facebook: @tngfoundation
Instagram: @thenakedgardinerfoundation

Words of wisdom:


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