Why can’t he just do things the right way?

I should have felt annoyed. It was Saturday evening.  I arrived home after holding my Sensual Soul Workshop and I was feeling great; light, soft, present and open……. in essence sensual. I had spent the day with a group of women letting go of our need to be perfect and welcoming our more natural, honest…

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How to be more intimate


How do you become more intimate?   Does it require you to ; -be in a relationship -have erotic sex every night -be upbeat and happy all the time -be wild, brazen and out there -intensely look into other people’s eyes No. All those things are possible, but it is not the place to start.…

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Why am I so mean to the one I love?

Why am I such a bitch to the one I love?

You thought you were the only one who was mean to their beloved. I’m afraid not. you are in good company. The ones we love the most, cop it the most. I mean, it makes a lot of sense on so may levels. But sometimes we get stuck there in bitch mode, festering away without…

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Change shame

I have been feeling change shame. In the last week, I have released my new branding and direction to the world.   I have changed a lot in the past few years. As a kinesiologist and life coach. And even before that as a teacher and mosaic artist. Part of me feels the tingles and…

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You are really special

Nicole Mathieson kinesiology

One thing I know for sure is that you are really special. I have been doing this work for a long time and every single person who comes through my clinic has gifts, talents, and their own unique point of genius that, quite frankly, the world is missing. But most of the time, they can’t…

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5 heart lessons from my holiday

I am just back from a 3 month holiday in France and the UK. My trip was a beautiful opportunity for me to give myself a break. A break in which I could truly be present with my kids, husband and most of all myself. The spaciousness of this time felt so pleasurable in my…

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Notes from my journal on France, family and travels

France, family and travels. Some notes from my journal. Random insights 1. Wonder-full   France is full to the brim of wonders – around every corner, on every hill, in each and every patisserie. It is a country that is rich with culture, treats and such mouth watering goodness. So far we have seen 4 World Heritage…

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5 big blocks to Pleasure

Light up banner - water only

  Let me share with you what I have discovered are the 5 Big Blocks to pleasure.     So in a nutshell, The 5 Big Blocks to pleasure are:   1. Guilt We beleive there is not enough pleasure to go around.   2. Not feeling worthy We don’t give it to ourselves until…

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