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I am just back from a 3 month holiday in France and the UK. My trip was a beautiful opportunity for me to give myself a break. A break in which I could truly be present with my kids, husband and most of all myself.

The spaciousness of this time felt so pleasurable in my being that it had me vibrating in a state of heart attunement. A state in which I was able to tap into my heart wisdom.

Here are a few morsels of that wisdom that I would love to share with you.


1. Giving creates a positive ripple

While we were travelling, we stayed with friends and family and were the recipients of some heart opening, tear jerking generosity. People stocked their fridges, took us to exceptional places and moved out of their own beds for us.

Giving in this way requires the heart. The head will always be adding up the equation of value for time and money. Receiving these offerings, however small or large felt so beautiful. The feeling had the direct impact of inspiring us to give generously where we could. These moments gave our trip such a lush and abundant feel. We were received and welcomed and we felt it rebound back as affection for the land and its people. Which makes me ponder, how can we create positive ripples on our patch of the Earth?

A French feast - escargot (snails and baguette. Laid on by my wonderful friends in Nancy.

A French feast – escargot (snails), charcuterie (meats) and baguette. Laid on by my wonderful friends in Nancy, Lorraine.


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This wonderful family welcomed me as a 17 year old and this time around opened their arms and their home to my whole family. In Flassans sur Issole.



2. Beauty is cleansing

I have always felt at peace in nature. But what became really clear to me on this trip was the power of her beauty to clear my heart and my head of the struggle. I found myself in various moments of ecstatic awe and wonder. Mouth open, hands stretched out wide, heart bursting with love. And I was filled up by the experience like never before. No fatigue, no fear, no doubt. In those moments I was clear and full.

Whether it be an artwork, an act of kindness, a heart felt connection or a beautiful sunset, beauty has the power to transform you. It speaks in the language of love and appreciation – the language of your heart. If you let it in, it transforms your day, and the more you hang out in that vibration – your life.


Cirque de Giverney in the Pyrennees

The immensity and grandeur of the mountains at Cirque de Giverny in the Pyrennees.


Beauty in a different form at Carrieres de Lumieres in Provence

Beauty in a different form at Carrieres de Lumieres in Provence. Artwork animated and projected all over the walls and floors of an old quarry.


So close to my hero in Monet's garden, Giverney.

So close to my hero in Monet’s garden, Giverney.


lac de longemar scenic

What a place to sit in contemplation. I sat here and let the beauty pour in. Lac de Longemar, Lorraine


3. My EGO could have spoilt it

Sometimes on our trip, I would find myself in a negative, naggy head space. We would be in beautiful locations, on my dream holiday, but my mind would be stuck on something as trivial as the fact that my husband hadn’t looked up from his phone for 10 minutes to pay me any attention (for example). I would be feeling all kinds of unloved and lacking. And for what? For being suckered into a story for the love of my EGO. A state that could have turned the trip into something tense and ugly far too often.

It is really easy to tell yourself to let it go but it is not so easy to really feel it. But this holiday, as I held my heart, I realised that it was only fear that kept me clinging to this negativity. I could choose love instead.  Every time it reared its head, I stayed with the fear in my heart and let it process through. Old patterns melted away and energy dynamics shifted. The more I let go of the negativity, the more I received what I was craving in the first place –  Connection.

Me and my husband on a barge in Colmar, Alsace.

Me and my husband punting in Colmar, Alsace.


My husband and I blissing out at the beautiful Lac de Longemar in The Vosges mountains.

Blissing out at the beautiful Lac de Longemar in The Vosges mountains.


4. You have all the time in the world

The most valuable thing about our trip was not what we did and what we saw, it was the time spent together as a family. It was the space we had, without work or school or commitments. It was the space we gave ourselves. The most precious gift.

Spaciousness is the language of the heart. When we dabble in that language, we feel good.

Our head is constantly telling us to hurry, to get in before we miss out, to prove ourselves before it is too late. We get chronic FOMO (you know what that is right? Fear Of Missing Out) which results in us running our poor sorry bodies into the ground. We create our work, bring up our children and tend to ourselves from a place of stress and disconnect.

When we slow down and breathe and trust – our heart aligns with the vibration of our soul and we tap into our wisdom. There we find expanses of inspiration and abundance without the need for tension. My holiday taught me to really embody this trust. There is time.

An island to explore off the coast of Carnac, Brittany.

An island to explore off the coast of Carnac, Brittany.



Nicole Mathieson kinesiology and intimacy coaching

Hand on heart, heart on Earth. Checking in at Collioure.



Timeless, infinitely patient and oh so beautiful. This forest in the mist was on a walk at Pont d’Espagne in the Pyrennees.


5. Acceptance is everything

Our heart is not seeking perfection. That is our head.

Our hearts do not judge good from bad, light from dark, happy from sad. They are capable of welcoming it all.

Hearts are the place of infinite acceptance. Infinite acceptance. There is no end to the acceptance. All your emotions, all your experiences, all your efforts, all that you are. All accepted. All welcomed in to the heart with unconditional love.

When you bring yourself into heart consciousness, you soften. You no longer have to fight, struggle and resist what you are and what is showing up in your life. You breathe it in. Let your heart feel it and let it be transformed into wisdom.


Travelling with kids, you find yourself at theme parks. Puy de Fou near Nantes, one of the best in the world.

Travelling with kids, you find yourself at theme parks. Puy de Fou near Nantes, one of the best in the world.


Iain and Nic Arthurs Seat

This photo was taken by accident by my father-in-law. I love it because it captures a moment. Arthur’s Seat, Edingburgh.


me in Nancy

Giving it some swagger in my old stomping grounds. La Place Stanislas, Nancy.


And a few more photos for good measure.


St Malo sunset

Sunset to melt your heart. St Malo, Brittany


a few monets

Oh just a wall full of original Monet’s. Be still my heart. At his home in Giverney.



The specatular Mediterranean town of Collioure. A hang out for some of my favourite artists, Matisse and Derain. I could have stayed here for weeks.


Okay, I will stop there. I have thousands of photos but I will show just a little restraint.

I would love to hear from you. Are you travelling? Are you giving yourself space? Are you struggling to trust your heart? Let me know in the comments below.

Oh, and I am back taking bookings. The work is so deep and potent since my return. I am guiding people back to the wisdom of their hearts and the results are breathtaking. If you are ready to take the courageous leap into full bodied love and acceptance of who you are, I am here to guide you. You can book here.

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