My podcast inspiration – those (darn) bathroom floor moments

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Those darn bathroom floor moments. Podcast inspo.

Have you ever felt lost, broken and so unsure?

Sure you have.
You may have even found yourself “Eat, pray, love” style on your knees on the bathroom floor.

We all have had these moments. They are inevitable, whether they are caused by tragedy, drama or mental torture. It is part of the human experience.
They make us feel like we have truly stuffed up, our life will never be the same again or that we can’t possibly get through.
They come.
We lose our shit.
Yet somehow we get through.
We do.
We survive.
And we make it through because these moments have a magical capacity to somehow unearth our strength.

Our unbreakable spirit.

I am fascinated with this unearthing. It is my inspiration.
To be more precise I am in deep fascination with:

+The role of our heads – the stories that we tell ourselves that make it so much harder than it needs to be.
+The breaking down of our identity and how this so often leads us to blossoming into ourselves.
+The unearthing of the part of us that is unbreakable and where exactly we find it
+The process of going from broken to stronger, clearer and so much more truly aligned with who we are
+The cycle of the flow – tension, chaos, growth to ease.
+The internal vs the external chaos
+ also how so often these moments are the making of us. We look back at them as the start of our becoming.

I want to immerse myself in this, to explore this more and talk to those who have crumbled and broken only to come back different and more often than not more content, more whole and more aligned to their truth.
I also want to share these stories so that people who are in the thick of it can find hope.

Which is why I am starting up my very own podcast. Woohoo!!
You will be able to get your ears on it next week.
Stay tuned beautiful one.




  1. Vanessa Vickery on October 19, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Can’t wait to check out your podcast Nicole x

    • Nicole on October 20, 2016 at 9:58 pm

      THank so much Ness, I hope you like them xx

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