You are really special

Nicole Mathieson kinesiology

One thing I know for sure is that you are really special.

I have been doing this work for a long time and every single person who comes through my clinic has gifts, talents, and their own unique point of genius that, quite frankly, the world is missing. But most of the time, they can’t see it. I tell you what, there is nothing like the experience of seeing divine, talented, wise and gifted people, one after the other, come through the door and not see their beauty.

It does 2 things to a woman in my position.

  1. It makes me realise that this must also be true for me – perhaps I am not seeing my own gifts and value to their full potential. It makes me feel more capable and confident. If I get a sniff of a feeling that I have something to offer, then quite possibly it is bigger and shinier than what I realise.
  2. It makes it really bloody clear that we all have gifts and value to offer the world. This is a universal truth. It is not that some of us are born with more than others.

Everyone has it. Including you.

You have:

-Immense wisdom born from grit

-Creative potential that comes from the limited parameters of your life

-Compassion from having a huge big sensitive heart in this, at times, harsh world

-Perspective that only your eyes see

-Your own unique way of experiencing goodness and fun


These things of yours are different. They are interesting and unique and of such immense value to the rest of us. Because once you own up and value them. You are giving the rest of us permission to do the same.


And the only thing that is standing in your way, stopping it from shining into the world,

is fear and doubt.

Like a cloud it stops us from either seeing our value at all – or it stops us from trusting it or believing that it is valuable enough to pursue.


But it IS in you. Without a doubt.

Grab a pen and paper,


Take a few deep breaths and answer these from your heart.

What are the big challenges that have shown you your strength?

What has your heart struggled most with?

What is it that you see differently to everyone else?

And now:


What is it that you are not seeing about your true value?

What are you covering up with fear and doubt? (go on – get past your EGO, admit it to yourself)



Maybe from answering these questions you get a glimmer of the light that shines within you. Maybe not yet, perhaps you need a different angle, a different line of questions or to Earth yourself first and that is okay, because we are all different.

Maybe this is something you can explore. Journal, meditate and ask yourself the above questions.

Next week I want to chat about what brings us into clarity and confidence with what we have to offer the world.

But right now, just know, that I see you.

You are needed, useful and one of a kind.


Take care


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