5 big communication mistakes that couples make

Communication mistakes

There are 5 big communication mistakes I see nearly every couple make that create havoc, mistrust and tension. In this free live workshop, I will teach you easy ways to avoid them.

In my therapy practice I see couples making the same mistakes over and over again and causing hurt and upset that can cause relationship injury. Communication mistakes that can mean the individuals;

  • feel more tension and more disconnected
  • have pushed their partner away further
  • don’t get the response they really want
  • don’t get their needs met
  • don’t feel respected or heard

In this online class, I will run through the 5 big communication mistakes that I see, why they cause so much hurt and how you can easily avoid them to feel more connected and safe in your relationship.

This live online workshop is happening on Oct 5th at 7pm AEST and is free!!
I will run through the 5 mistakes and what we need to do instead and there will time for a Q & A to get all your individual questions answered.

Check out my online course for couples to do together “Safe and Connected Communication”.

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