How can I actually enjoy this holiday?

I have done all the planning, Counted down the days, Packed my bags, and done every last thing on my to-do list (well nearly), Now the only thing left for me is….. to enjoy it. So how DO I actually enjoy this holiday? This trip is something I have been looking forward to for a very…

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5 big blocks to Pleasure

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  Let me share with you what I have discovered are the 5 Big Blocks to pleasure.     So in a nutshell, The 5 Big Blocks to pleasure are:   1. Guilt We beleive there is not enough pleasure to go around.   2. Not feeling worthy We don’t give it to ourselves until…

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Pleasure is Love

  “Why do I need pleasure?” you ask “Why not just go for coping or peaceful or something a bit less hedonistic. Isn’t pleasure a bit extreme?” My answer is no . I am talking about the pleasure that has the other name of love. I am talking about your power to increase your own inner circulation of…

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How to be more intimate


How do you become more intimate? Does it require you to ; -be in a relationship -have erotic sex every night -be upbeat and happy all the time -be wild, brazen and out there -intensely look into other people’s eyes No. All those things are possible, but it is not the place to start. To…

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Pray with your heart

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Pray with your heart     Prayer is powerful.   It is a beautiful way to connect right on in with the higher self, with your desires and with that presence or energy matrix that underlies all of creation – call it God, the attractor field, the matrix or the unified field.   But it…

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How I kept my cool with my man

How I kept my cool with my misbehaving, hairy man. The 2 things that dissolved my angst.   After having held one of my Sensual Soul Workshops one Saturday, I was heading home feeling light, soft, present and open – in essence sensual. I had just spent the day with a group of gorgeous courageous souls and…

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From Eughh to empowered

Kinesiology Brisbane

From Eughhh to Empowered Just a few short years ago I was flat, tired and had no desire Eughhh Do you know this feeling? You might be stuck there or maybe you have just visited this space form time to time. I have found that when you are not tapped into your sensual energy, you…

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How can I convince you that you’re beautiful?

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This letter is to you Hello lovely one, You don’t know you are beautiful……………………………..And I can’t quite believe it. You look it, you radiate it, you act it. But you don’t feel it. And beauty is a feeling. For too long you have been afraid of thinking that this packaging for this soul, in this…

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Why am I such a bitch to my husband?

Why am I such a bitch to the one I love?

You thought you were the only one who was a bitch to their husband? Sadly, or perhaps reassuringly, that is not the case. You are in good company. Being a bitch to the ones we love is common amongst us women. Read on or listen to the post below. It is strange isn’t it, that…

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What are you ready to believe about yourself?

What are you ready to believe?

A new year. Fresh energy. A potent time to get your powers of manifestation working for you and to switch into some more uplifting belief systems. Your powers of manifestations are a direct response to what you believe about yourself. So let’s put it out there and start to seed a shift in the realm…

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