Pray with your heart

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Pray with your heart



Prayer is powerful.


It is a beautiful way to connect right on in with the higher self, with your desires and with that presence or energy matrix that underlies all of creation – call it God, the attractor field, the matrix or the unified field.


But it is quite possible that your prayers are not as potent as they could be.



Our Western culture and religion has always encouraged a very cerebral based form of prayer. You know it – hands together, pick the target entity and then make your plea. We keep it very much an upstairs job for the mind.


This is still super useful.


It helps us;

a) Communicate and clarify our desires

b) Communicate and clarify our worries

c) Hand over the worry and get it out of repeat loop from our head


Hopefully also giving you a good dose of relief in the process, all in all an extremely valuable pastime.



But is it communicating with the realm of creation in the most potent way?


Stay with me here because the gist of all this could change the way you pray for good.
Scientist and visionary Gregg Braden tells of scientific study after scientific study in which it is shown that firstly our DNA influences the intricate matrix that underlies all matter and then secondly that our hearts influence our DNA both locally and remotely. So if our hearts influence DNA and DNA influences the matrix – it is our heart that has the impact.


In short the power of your prayer lies in you immersing yourself in the emotion of having what you want.


This is something that Ancient wisdoms from all over the world have known for years.  Braden went to Tibet to look at how they prayed and he observed the monks doing their thing. Reciting mantras, chanting, meditating, yoga, cleaning, working the singing bowls. And when he asked them about the prayer  “Is this action that you are doing the prayer?”  They answered that no the prayer is not the actions, you cannot see the prayer, the prayer is the emotion and the actions create the emotion.


Bingo. The prayer is the emotion.


When you meditate, do yoga, go surfing, go walking or whatever it is that gets you into the zone – you are creating an emotional response. One that is light and joyous.


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The important thing here is that you feel it in your heart.

Any good feeling, any pleasure that meets in your heart as an emotion is resonating out into the universe. The heart is the space that holds the meeting point of the feelings of the lower 3 chakras with the wisdom of the higher 3 chakras. The heart impacts the field of creation, it changes DNA. It sends ripples out into the universe and brings back to you more of the same.
Not only that, it is also giving your cells first hand experience of your desires, training your very being to recognise when you are in the vicinity of a path that will take you closer to them. Thus making intuition easier.
Of course this is the same for any emotion. So be careful what you emote.


So to really get active on this;

When you have some clarity in what you desire, take it into your heart.

Feel it as though you already have it. Get the sense that it is not actually about having things or acheiving things but more about how it feels,

Breathe it in,

Savour it,

Know it as yours,

Know it through your body, through your senses and soften into the deliciousness of it.


Know that you feeling it is the seed of creation that ripples this into existence.

This is your prayer.

It is potent.


So feel it as much as you can. Hang out there. Live there and if you forget, go watch yourself a good dose of Abraham.


Emoting you a life of ease and happiness xx

Lots of love



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