How can I convince you that you’re beautiful?

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This letter is to you

Hello lovely one,

kinesiology Brisbane

You don’t know you are beautiful……………………………..And I can’t quite believe it.

You look it, you radiate it, you act it.

But you don’t feel it.

And beauty is a feeling.

For too long you have been afraid of thinking that this packaging for this soul, in this life time is not good enough.

Do you realise that you have been brainwashed? You have been shown thousand upon thousands of images and messages of what beautiful looks like. And you just don’t see yourself fit that.

And because you don’t fit the image you think it would be wrong to actually feel it.

If you owned it, you might be found out, revealed as a fraud or even worse, rejected for being “up yourself”.

And this is what you tell yourself;

“You do not even have___________ (fill in the blanks here)

Your ________is/are too big.

Your _________is /are too small.

You have ________.

And your ___is just plain____________.”

I know honey, it is hard to feel beautiful with your head full of this crap.

I want to share a story.

This is a tale of one of my beautiful clients who got leave from suicide watch in hospital to come in for a balance. She was struggling to love herself or her life [obviously]. To cut a long story short, when we really scaled back to her source of self-loathing, right at the centre of it, was her big chin. Her life seemed pointless, she could not love herself and she did not trust her own attraction or magnetism because of it. Now, I could see this woman’s beauty, plain as day. She had a lot going for her. But she could not give herself permission to be beautiful because her version wasn’t standard grade enough.

You might read this story and think that sounds ridiculous. But it is not. You are doing it to yourself too. It is easy for me to see your beauty from out here. But can you see it? Can you feel it? Do you have permission to really claim it?

I give you permission to feel Beautiful.

Allow what your Mumma gave you, to be enough. Allow what age, and kids and surgery, and acne, and a few extra pounds have done to you to be enough. Your body tells a beautiful tale of life lived.

In my Sensual Soul Workshop, we sit in circle, a group of women all beautiful in our own way, and yet all struggling to see our worth and beauty. As woman after beautiful woman around the circle tells the same story and we look at her and ask “are you serious? You? Not beautiful?” It kind of hits us hard between the eyeballs that this is the same for us all. And in that moment something clicks. We realise that we are throwing away our power to this.

How you have been losing power;

  • You feel jealous and unworthy in your relationships
  • You lack self confidence
  • You get the compare and despair blues
  • You feel like you have to have the best do, the latest bling or a kick ass spray tan to feel okay
  • You do not get easily turned on
  • You do not receive compliments or even notice the appreciation that is there for you

It feels awful.

Your frustration is a sign post that you are being called to bring your energy and attention to the realm of self-love. It is time to step up and own up. This is your growth edge right now. There is wisdom here for you. Your soul wants more.

It is time that you stopped telling your inner self that she is not good enough. It is time you took charge of this body, this power and this life. Commit to loving what you got. “You are beautiful”.

Here is what I suggest you do;

  1. Look in the mirror. See your reflection and look deep into your eyes and say thank you.

    See your face and body and say thank you.

    “Thank you to my beautiful ______________ (name a body part). Thank you to my juicy __________and my buxom_______ and my awkward__________. Thank you to my ___________ for teaching me how to ____________. Thank you to my ____________for the wisdom. Oh the wisdom!!

    Thank you body for being just perfect for all my growth.” [Go on fill in the gaps – it is so much more powerful that way and say thank you even if you don’t feel grateful yet]

  2. Starting at just 2 minutes a day, and building up to 5 or 10 minutes, tune into your heart and feel your inner beauty. Sit, breathe and feel your beauty. It will be hard. You may only get a glimmer, but practice and build this feeling muscle. Remember Beauty is a feeling.

You are bloody beautiful.

Time to freaking OWN IT.

The light in me sees the light in you,



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