What are you ready to believe about yourself?

What are you ready to believe?

A new year.

Fresh energy.

A potent time to get your powers of manifestation working for you and to switch into some more uplifting belief systems.

Self-love moment

Your powers of manifestations are a direct response to what you believe about yourself.

So let’s put it out there and start to seed a shift in the realm of all creation.

A note about the realm of creation or Unified field – it’s particles only come into being with attention. Your attention is powerful stuff!!

So be kind, be bold, be audacious. Put your timid ego aside and ask your soul voice; What am I ready to believe?

open heart woman

It is time my sweet soul that you really acknowledge your true beauty.

Take a breath, close your eyes, sink into your heart and recognise your inner worth. That heart of yours, that creativity, that longing to connect, the desire to help and heal and save the world, that unique sense of humour, the way you express yourself that is all you. Isn’t it time you let that be enough, that you let your beautiful uniqueness radiate and pulse in your being.

As you sit there with your hand on your heart, recognising your beauty, just notice how much you have been constraining it. Not sure how it would be received, if it was too much or too little, too bold or too meak, too sexy yet not beautiful enough. Acknowledge, just now, the pain of holding it all back. Let it wash over you.

And now you are ready. It is time, to open yourself to the bigger vision.

No more holding back. Ready in 2015 to be boldly in love with all that you are and to believe in your potential.

Believe Big

In 2015 I am ready to believe that……..

(my answers in brackets)

Psst. these things do not have to be true already – we are conjuring here.

I am ready to believe I am…

( a leader teaching women how to Love themselves fully in order to step closer to the love and connection that makes their hearts and souls sing)

I am ready to believe my work is….

(Potent, life changing and available to all those who need it so that they feel uplifted, inspired, alive and beautiful)

I am ready to believe my finances are….

(Enabling me to do my highest work, and allow my family to have incredible stress free adventures)

I am ready to believe my love life is…..

(connected, ecstatic and empowered – a growing machine)

I am ready to believe my relationships are…..

(Kids: easy, intimate, connected,

friends: enriching, expansive)

I am ready to believe I am ready for………………………

(the world)

Self-love moment Self Love moment

You go, dream big.

Now while the energy of these visions is vibrating through your system. Stay for a moment, before you continue on with your day.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in to your belly.

Now, bring these beliefs in to your body. Bring them in to every cell. Bring the reality of this potential into your being, bathe your cells in it, and let yourself feel the knowing of the abundance. Even if you can only do this for the briefest moment, you are planting seeds in the realm of creation, you are guiding your being in it’s creation, you are feeling the sweet sensations of abundance.

What are you ready to believe?

Okay, so soak in this feeling of believing – no! knowing that you are this big vision. Come back to this feeling. Make this feeling your practice. Live in a state of knowing that you, your life and your capacity as a human are just perfect.

***Oh and just a very important note right here; It is all about how you feel. that is the point of it all. Cultivate this feeling. Danielle La Porte and the Desire Map is a great resource if you are ready to deepen this awareness.

I believe that you are an incredible human being. I know you are.


Thank you for being here now.

Please share with us what you are ready to believe about yourself. Put it into the material reality in the comments below ? And let the magic of 2015 unfold………………………


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