From Eughh to empowered

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From Eughhh to Empowered
Just a few short years ago I was flat, tired and had no desire

Do you know this feeling? You might be stuck there or maybe you have just visited this space form time to time.

I have found that when you are not tapped into your sensual energy, you have so little oomph that you really don’t care. You lose your desire – for things, for participation, for sex……… for life.
I got to the point where I didn’t even want to have sex with my husband. This beautiful man who I love dearly!!

Lots of clients tell me that they don’t even know what they want. They are completely disconnected from this energy – their power.

Luckily for me, I realised that this was not enough. I decided to do something about it and tapped into my capacity to create what I wanted in my life.
What I wanted was passion. A deep internal yearning for life.

So I researched, reached out, gave myself (kinesiology) balances, experimented and set my intentions and attention to work.

And I have to say that today I feel alive.

Kinesiology Brisbane

I have gone from flat to frisky, from shy (sensually) to confident, from blaming to empowered. Sensual energy is in essence fun, playful, light and cheeky. Tapping in to this energy feels amazing.

I want you to feel amazing too.

And I have a few ideas on how you can get things started. So what I have done, is concocted a list of 6 easy steps to activate your sensuality

It was hard to choose the top tips. I have so many ideas on how to get your vibe on.

But here are the top 6 easy ways to activate sensuality.

  1. Explore your relationship with pleasure

    It might sound like a no-brainer, “of course I love pleasure!!”. But pleasure is not so simple. It comes laced with guilt, worthiness issues and often a sudden instinct to escape. Sensuality is in essence the allowing and expanding of good feeling in your body. So in order to activate our sensual chi it is vital that we are open to the goodness. All of it.

    Where do you let pleasure in?

    Where do you block your own pleasure experience?

  2. Get yourself a Jade Egg

    The Jade Egg is a tool that was first used in ancient China to awaken and cultivate sexual energy. It has a multitude of benefits such as toning the “love” muscles and helping to maintain youth and vitality. I have to say that I can’t sing the praises of this little gem enough. In my opinion, they are key in every woman’s sensual tool kit, and if you have had a baby or two – well perhaps it’s time to tone up sister.
    I got mine here.

  3. Fun & Play

    As I said before, sensual energy is light, fun and playful. Analysing, planning and seriousness just aren’t really it’s language. To get sensual, get playful. And the more playful you get, the more readily you will access your sensuality. Have fun, be cheeky, be creative, try new things, try it upside down, get together with some friends and have a good laugh. This is very much a sacral chakra thing, spontaneous, fluid and free.
    Think orange. Breathe it in.

  4. Love yourself

    I know you have heard it all before ” I have to love myself more, I know”. But stay with me here. I am talking about a love affair with yourself. I am talking about a dedication and quality of care for yourself, like you have never known before. Not even when you were a babe in your mother’s arms, not even from your partner. This is a love for that part of you that is always you. It is no hold’s barred, it is honouring your own every need, it is no more excuses or half arsed efforts. It is full blown, full commitment. Self love.
    And it is really pretty hot.

  5. Share your shame

    Shame is toxic. It eats away at how we feel about ourselves and grows in charge and toxicity the longer we let it fester. In our striving for perfection, we all have shame. The good news is that when we realise we are not alone in feeling our shame, and we feel confident enough to share it, just like magic it dissolves away.

    Find a good friend, a coach / kinesiologist or a group of supportive women at a workshop (hint hint) and share that toxic secret once and for all. Watch it burn into smoke. (something we will be doing at the workshop)

  6. Get into your body

    In our clever world, we spend too much time living in our heads. We become disassociated from our bodies and thus from the feeling of being alive. Sensuality calls on us to be present in our bodies. Noticing how it feels emotionally, what our senses are picking up and how it feels to move can be a simple way to get yourself out of your head and into a more sensual state.
    What is your body telling you right now?

  7. Come to the Sensual Workshop (bonus tip)

    If you happen to be in Brissy on 21st Feb, I have concocted a really beautiful, decadent and fun afternoon in which we will cover all 6 of my top tips to activate sensuality plus a whole lot more.

We will be;

  • Exploring our relationship to pleasure by tasting chocolate dipped strawberries and getting hand massages etc.
  • Every one coming will get their very own Jade Egg to take home and start wearing. Yippee!
  • Having fun in lots of different ways
  • Accessing and channelling that part of you that loves you more than you can fathom
  • Sharing and ceremoniously burning our shame
  • Doing some kundlini yoga
  • Plus everyone will receive a mini kineisology balance to integrate and align with their sensual intentions

This is my chance to share all my wisdom on opening to sensuality. I have so much goodness, pleasure and depth planned for the afternoon. I would love you to join us. To grab yourself a ticket go here.

I hope these sensual tips feel available to you. If you have any questions or think you are ready to work with someone on this, do not hesitate to send me an email,
In the meantime lovelies, go towards pleasure, and be playful.

Lots of love



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