Why can’t he just do things the right way?

I should have felt annoyed. It was Saturday evening.  I arrived home after holding my Sensual Soul Workshop and I was feeling great; light, soft, present and open……. in essence sensual. I had spent the day with a group of women letting go of our need to be perfect and welcoming our more natural, honest…

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How can I learn to let love in?

Let love in

Love takes a great deal of courage. When I was a very young adult, I thought all I wanted was love and I searched for it in nightclubs. Inside I felt unsure of myself {to put it mildly}. I felt unattractive / unloveable. One night in a nightclub, I found someone who was really into…

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How to be more intimate


How do you become more intimate?   Does it require you to ; -be in a relationship -have erotic sex every night -be upbeat and happy all the time -be wild, brazen and out there -intensely look into other people’s eyes No. All those things are possible, but it is not the place to start.…

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Why am I so mean to the one I love?

Why am I such a bitch to the one I love?

You thought you were the only one who was mean to their beloved. I’m afraid not. you are in good company. The ones we love the most, cop it the most. I mean, it makes a lot of sense on so may levels. But sometimes we get stuck there in bitch mode, festering away without…

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All is well right now

All is well   No matter how you are feeling right now, I want you to know, that all is well. Your head voice might be a bit aggrevated by my presumptious suggestion here, as clearly I do not know all the stresses and strains that are leading to you feeling this way, but that…

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heart consciousness changed my life

Heart consciousness has changed my life   My relationships, My work, My direction, But most of all my belief in myself.   Because of my heart and this self belief, I am now passionate about helping creatives and entrepreneurs get clear and confident so that they share their gifts with the world.   This is…

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Don’t be afraid of your fear

  You have fear. Worry. Angst. I know. I have it too. And you know what, that’s life. You are not going to get rid of it. You are human. And humans are hard wired to feel fear. Fear kept your ancestors alive and we have evolved into highly tuned fearful beings. As Elizabeth Gilbert says…

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5 heart lessons from my holiday

I am just back from a 3 month holiday in France and the UK. My trip was a beautiful opportunity for me to give myself a break. A break in which I could truly be present with my kids, husband and most of all myself. The spaciousness of this time felt so pleasurable in my…

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