All is well right now

all is well all the time
All is well


No matter how you are feeling right now, I want you to know, that all is well.

Your head voice might be a bit aggrevated by my presumptious suggestion here, as clearly I do not know all the stresses and strains that are leading to you feeling this way, but that is just your head.

Your head will never get you to the feeling of all is well. Your head will always tell you that there is more needed before you can relax into the safety of all is well;
More things on the to-do list ticked.
More perfection attained.
More achieved.
More purchased.
More done for your kids, partner, family and friends.

If you continue to listen to your head, you will never get a moment’s rest. You will live out your life in this stressy, noisy rush.

And you don’t want that.

All is well is a feeling that we reach by tuning in to our hearts.

It is always there.

Deep in the centre.

Beyond the waves of emotion, beyond the physical heart, beyond your head’s version of the heart.

At the centre of your being.

Breathe in there.

All is well.

Because you are here right now and you are pulsating with life.

Hang out here and have a rest away from the noise of your head.

It is in this space that you find your well-being, your clarity and your joy.

Enjoy this. Stay a few breaths.


I made this video too:


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trust your heart




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