Kinesiology door closing to give more space to relationship coaching practice

Relationship coaching practice

I am closing the doors of my kinesiology clinic at the end of next week to give more time and energy to my relationship coaching practice (more on that below).

It has been 7 years since I first set up my practice. What a ride it has been.
In those 7 years, I have seen close to a thousand clients with a wide range of issues. I have witnessed many healing breakthroughs and bucket loads of tears. And more than anything, I have had my heart blown wide open with the incredible courage of my clients opening up to their most painful places.

Kinesiology has taught me so much. It has;

*     Got me to a much deeper understanding of the essence of healing (and it is not as complicated as we might think)
*     Shown me the interconnectedness of our whole systems (mind, body, spirit) & life path – nothing is a separate issue!
*     Honed my skills for coaching, counselling and holding space for someone
*     Shown me the power of the heart and craziness of our heads
*     And led me further and further into my passion for love and relationships


I am closing the door, with so many mixed emotions.

I am so sad to say goodbye to my incredibly brave clients (some of you have been with me from the beginning). I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you. I know how vulnerable this work is and can’t thank you enough for putting your trust in me. I am also grateful to you for reading my emails (they will continue, don’t worry). But, I just want to take a moment to say thank you for being there and inspiring me to be brave and share my ideas.

So, what’s next?

My Relationship coaching practice



1.     Love is all you need
Truly those heels are not making you feel fulfilled- LOVE makes you feel fulfilled
2.     Humans thrive on connection
When it is good we feel like all is well in the world
3.     Peace on earth starts at home
Right here in your heart.  How can we do our bit to heal the world when our home lives are chaotic?
4.     Relationships hold all the challenges we need to evolve and grow
No need to look anywhere else
5.     Relationships are hard and so many of us are struggling
We need more support, more inspiration and more permission to escape outdated cultural models.
6.   I could not be more passionate about helping in this field
I feel this is where my worlds collide. In truth, my work has already been in this realm for years. I have helped hundreds of women with their relationships already. It is high time to make this official.
7.    My own evolution
Relationships have not always been easy for me, in fact I didn’t even want to connect with myself – making me terrified of intimacy for many years. I am not here serving in this realm because I find it easy and do it perfectly…… but because every bit of energy I have put towards growing in this realm has helped me immensely and opened my life up to much more joy.


Who do I serve?


Bored and frustrated wives
This is you if:

*     You have been in a relationship for a while and you feel stuck, disconnected, numb, bored, angry and/or resentful
*     You may have been considering marriage therapy but are not quite ready for that yet
*     You know that you and your partner have something worth trying for
*     You are ready to heal, take responsibility, set boundaries & learn some tools
*     You want to get back into polarity with your partner
*     You know your relationship could be so much more


Single ladies (or brave men)
This is you if;


*    You are single (again or still!)
*    You find yourself in the same old patterns
*    You are ready to heal, take responsibility, set boundaries & learn some tools
*    You know deep down that you are worthy of love but something is in the way
*      You want to set out into your next relationship feeling centred and confident


This is you if;


*      You are both ready for to do what it takes to get your marriage back on track
*      You have something worth trying for
*      You are both ready to heal, take responsibility, set boundaries & learn some tools
*      You want to get back into polarity with each other
*      You both know your relationship could be so much more

If any of these sound like you, or you just want to make sure you don’t screw this thing up, book in for a chat. We can spend 30 minutes together and talk through the options(for free).

Lots of love



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