heal your heart
Guided meditation


10 minutes of Rhythmic, Soothing, Healing & Earthy guidance


This track helps you navigate your emotions with ease.

Heal your Heart brings brings you home. You come back to the healing wisdom of your heart. Your heart synchronises you to the pulse of life, mother earth and You. Your nature, allowing you to step closer to your relationship with yourself & to love.

Dive deeper into feeling and find your trust in yourself and your heart's capacity to effortlessly transform your struggles into ease.

The gorgeous musical score by Sonesence and gentle guidance from Nicole Mathieson take you into a deep meditative state where your worries and doubts dissolve and you are left floating in a timeless universe, where you can open yourself to love.

Open to yourself

When you heal your heart, you step closer to YOU.

heal your heart
Praise for Heal Your Heart

Alana Helbig (Heart Meditation)

When I first heard this meditation, my heart swelled and tears tickled my eyes. Together, through the gentle, earthy music and Nicole’s soothing words, my heart and I journeyed through the depths of the darkness and came out the other side lighter and free.

Now, whenever I feel fear, pain or sorrow in my heart, this meditation has become my elixir. Every woman needs this in her meditation toolkit. It truly heals the heart.

Alana Helbig

Melissa Sandon (Heart Meditation)

Your meditation is absolutely stunning – I’ve listened to it today and phwooar, my heart is in sync! So powerful! I can’t wait to continue to listen to it. Heal your heart is the perfect name!

Melissa Sandon

Koren Helbig (Heart Meditation)

I just listened to your meditation — oh my god! I broke out in full-body goosebumps both times that the harmonised singing kicked in. Just so beautiful! I also have no idea where I went for those 10 minutes, because it felt like about one minute. Definitely adding this one to my high rotation list.

Koren Helbig

Maria Golding (Heart Meditation)

I love the combination of the words and the sounds …. like the music is breathing with me.

Maria Golding

Tahlee Rouillon (Heart Meditation)

Nicole and I have collaborated on something really special here. This track evokes feelings of safety and healing.
It will transport you out of your head and into your body, your true nature. The music is ancient and tribal. Nicole’s guided meditation, profound and soothing.

Tahlee Rouillon

Kristen Bland (Heart Meditation)

I just listened to your meditation it is stunning! Stunning! It is breathtaking. Best guided meditation I’ve ever done and I do a lot, and I am not just saying that. Congratulations! I feel like I am walking around my house in an altered state at the moment. Thank you.

Kristen Bland

“Remember that true growth is always marked by increased openness and ability to love.” David Deida

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