Self-love tips part two: Go towards what you love

Treat yourself like your own best friend - love you are unique

Part Two of my self-love tips.

Spend today treating yourself like your best friend on her birthday.

Self-love series. Part one. Lovingly listen

Love yourself like your best friend

Go towards what you love

If it was your best friend’s birthday and you were treating her to some special time, you would really put some thought into what she is just crazy about. Then you would plan a day around going towards those things;  tastes, smells, experiences, songs or water slides / cup cakes/ beach swims; whatever. You would use her sensory and energetic capacity to vibrate in the realm of appreciation and love to guide your day. You would see the smile on her face light up, you would see the sparkle in her eye as she revelled in these experiences that fuel her soul, and you would notice her delight in the fact that you have totally nailed it for her.

This is the same for your lovely self.
Honour your passions, your desires and your loves.

Go towards them and soak them in. Just being in the vicinity of the things you love, puts you into the vibrational frequency of your soul – it brings you closer to yourself. It is an expression of joy. It feels so damn good.

Allow yourself this pleasure. If this is uncomfortable and brings a feeling of guilt and unworthiness, think about yourself in a state of overwhelm and the energetic influence that you would have on the world. Not great! Then compare that to your influence when you are lit from truly appreciating an experience. You would radiate light with a positive influence on everyone around you.

Going towards what you love is one very effective way to light yourself up so that you can start lighting up your little patch of the Earth.

  • Explore your passions and loves – Collect images or start a vision board of all the things you are drawn to.
  • Repeat “I am worthy of pleasure.”
  • Give yourself a moment away from the pressure to perform – indulge in rest and recharge with things you love.

If this is really difficult it shows you exactly where there is room to grow. I am here to support you in this expansion. Book your free Skype call to have a chat about where you are stuck.

Be gentle and loving. Nurture your needs. Listen to the yearnings of your soul.

Open your heart to all that you are.

Stay tuned for my self-love tip part three. Coming soon.

Lots of love


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