Self-love tips part three: Let it be real

Let it be real

Part Three of my self-love tips.

Spend today treating yourself like your best friend on her birthday.

Let it be real
Let it be real

Let it be real

If you were spending precious time with your best friend, treating her to a really special day, you would make the space for her to be authentic. You would want to hear about it if she had a problem. You would want her to feel free to let herself relax into total abandon, free to be herself, free to be creative, crazy, without control. And in this state you would feel intimate and close. This is the foundation of strong connections.

This is the same for your lovely self.

Do you sometimes find yourself plowing onwards through life, not even pausing to feel into how you truly feel, maybe not even wanting to know for fear of the consequences? Do you feel yourself putting on masks when you are with others, bringing a polished version of yourself? We all do this from time to time and, as you know in your wisdom, it is not a healthy state to be in. In fact it leads to overwhelm, burn out and anxiety. Allow yourself to be authentic. Open your heart to your truth. Allow the unfurling of the path that you are lead down, no matter how much sense it makes to others, to your inner critic, to the economy.

Let it feel good. If it feels good it will energise and inspire you.

Letting it be real is;

  • Acknowledging and allowing your true feelings
  • Letting go of control and trusting your expression
  • Being tuned into the yearnings of your heart
  • Intimate with yourself – asking the burning questions no matter how scary the answer.

Be a kind friend to yourself. Pause for a moment, and ask yourself if you are allowing your truth. How does what you are doing today feel? What needs to shift to make it feel like it lines up with your needs? Do a daily meditation to reconnect to yourself and check in to the emotional, mental, physical and energetic states that are guiding you.

If this is really difficult it shows you exactly where there is room to grow. I am here to support you in this expansion. Book your free Skype call to have a chat about where you are stuck.

Be gentle and loving. Nurture your needs. Listen to the yearnings of your soul. Open your heart to all that you are.

Stay tuned for my self-love tip part four. Coming soon.

Lots of love, Nicole


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