Self-love tips part one: Lovingly listen

Self-love series. Part one. Lovingly listen

Part One of my self-love tips.

Spend today treating yourself like your best friend on her birthday.

Self-love series. Part one. Lovingly listen

Love yourself like your best friend

Lovingly listen

If it were your best friend’s birthday you would take her out for coffee or a nice walk or you would sit watching the water together. You would pay attention to what she says, and watch out for energetic signals for how she is feeling. You would tune your antennae on where you needed to probe a bit deeper to really hear what she was expressing, and what she was ready to share. You would give her time, all the time in the world to express herself, without jumping to conclusions or judgments or solutions. You would be comfortable with the stillness between the words and let her emerge in her own sweet time. You would be intent and aware in order to pick all of this up. You will need to listen with love and care. You will need to be still.

Treat yourself as your best friend and lovingly listen to yourself today.

  • Find moments of quiet to listen in – scan your physical, mental, emotional and energetic states, breathing into any tension.
  • Take a few deep breaths, imagine someone who is really easy to love. Imagine you are sending them your love energy. Now, hold that feeling of love flowing and send it to yourself.
  • Feel your nervous system soften as you offer it care and nurture, releasing it from the need to scream to get your attention. And BTW, your nervous system loves a middle of the day 2 minute lie down.
  • Give yourself a moment to let go of the to-do list and focus your attention inwards.
  • Don’t try to find solutions, don’t judge, just give yourself the opportunity to express, this can be so therapeutic.

If this is really difficult, it shows you exactly where there is room to grow. I am here to support you in this expansion. Book your free Skype call to have a chat about where you are stuck.

Be gentle and loving. Nurture your needs. Listen to the yearnings of your soul.

Open your heart to all that you are.
Stay tuned for my self-love tip part two. Coming soon.

Lots of love


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