Sex, Culture & Shakti Power

Good old Queen Victoria. Has she got your sex life by the balls? I love Sydney’s QVB. I love Victorianate architecture. I love Pride and Prejudice. I love fancy English tea sets & high teas & table manners. But you know, as humans we can be all a bit too civilised. Especially when it comes…

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Stepping boldly into femininity

I don’t know about you, but I have certainly felt in the past that I have gently tip-toed into womanhood. Waiting for permission, not wanting to upset anyone, worried about the impacts of my allure or my desire. Worried about being seen as a vixen, as too hot or too cold, too attractive or too…

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My Sensual Journey

sensual journey

As women we are on a journey as sensual beings. But sometimes we stop feeling. Do you sometimes feel numb? Is your life lacking spark? I know, I was there. Of course I had my ups and downs but I spent a good part of a lifetime feeling uncomfortable with my sensuality. Unconsciously holding back…

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