Stepping boldly into femininity


I don’t know about you, but I have certainly felt in the past that I have gently tip-toed into womanhood.

Waiting for permission, not wanting to upset anyone, worried about the impacts of my allure or my desire. Worried about being seen as a vixen, as too hot or too cold, too attractive or too unattractive. Too unladylike!!

But this need to please others holds me out of my power. It hands the responsibility for how I feel to others and circumstances. it creates a small box to stay small and safe in. But no more! It is time to be unapologetic about my true nature.

I step Boldly and courageously into womanhood.

In this very short video, I explain to you why I feel so compelled to lead a group of women on a journey into sensuality and what I aim for my sensual soul participants to feel as a result.

Embracing your feminine power

(Click on the link above to watch the video)

It is time to expand.

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