You will come back


You are light. Expansive and free.

But it is not a case of getting it and that’s it.

You get it,

Then you forget it,

Or you forget your power.

Then you remember,

And you will come back again.

But this time you have more experiential knowledge of what it is to embody the growth.

That is growth.

You are spiraling in.

And you are still again in your completeness.

Before it goes.

And this is reflected in your practice of meditation

You are practicing remembering and coming back.

And each time you come back your pathways and networks are becoming more ingrained.

A habit is being born.

You keep coming back,

Without judgement that you have been away.

Without any sense that you are right or wrong, good or bad at it.

You just keep coming back,

You trust that you will be back.

And that you will go away,

And thatmis okay.

You are developing the muscle for when you need it.

This muscle gives you the knowing that even when you are slumping and pulled away, you will be back.

When you are back in the light of your totality you are free.

The pull to come back is so fierce.

The struggle when you are away is so great.

You will be back.


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Nicole Mathieson

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