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As women we can be so strong. We juggle everything and rarely ask for help. Keeping all those balls in the air all the time and trying to look after our menfolk can be overwhelming. Our men want to help but we don’t know how to fit that in or how to decipher the offer or even if the help they give is what we need.

Well I don’t know about you but I want to feel that support.

I want the dynamic tension and attraction of masculine and feminine to be flirting through our interactions.

Feminine does not need to be so unrelenting and un needy, like the feminist stance which paved the way. Maybe we can shift up the attraction dynamic by allowing our man to be a MAN.

As Danielle Laporte puts it, feminine energy leans in.

I want my man to be a man. Masculine and strong. 

I want him to take care of my needs.


I need to let him.

I need to be open to receiving that care.

I need to be open to him giving it the way that he gives it, and delight in that.

When I start to be picky about the way the care is delivered, I just need to remind myself that this pickiness is my resistance to being vulnerable.

Leaning in can feel vulnerable.

What if he doesn’t hold me up?

What if I am too heavy?

What if he changes his mind?

So we pick and nag to save ourselves from really leaning.

Ask your inner wisdom. Can I?

Then let go and lean.

Your man will love this.

This is satisfaction, man style.

This makes for a happy man, feeling needed and strong.

Where can you lean in a little bit more to the support and strength around you?

It might be in love, at work or with accepting the help of family and friends.

Give a try and let me know how it feels.

Take care


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