Thriving love
5 steps to
Reviving your relationship from the inside out

-Feel more connected
-Revive your faith in your partnership, and
-Come back to the woman you want to be in life and love
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A coping tool that makes you heart strong
A tool that heals your heart.
It helps you cope with uncomfortable feelings.
It soothes the pain.
It helps you ward off anxiety
& gives you a sense that you can do this.

A 2 month coaching immersion for a thriving relationship
I guide women to become the radiant, boundaried, thriving woman they long to be in their relationship. You have the power within you, to shift things.

ep19: Attracting a more loving love with Marianne Buchanan

{Unbreakable: Episode 19} Marianne Buchanan   Attracting a more loving love My guest this week is my friend and client Marianne Buchanan. Over the past 3 years. I have watched Marianne move from attracting relationships that were manipulative and at times violent to a mutual attraction that is beautiful and nurturing. Her relationship attractor field Keep reading...

ep18: All emotions are welcome with Bryan Reeves

{Unbreakable: Episode 18} Bryan Reeves   All emotions are welcome Bryan Reeves refers to himself as the relationship insight ninja and after our chat - I would have to agree with him. Bryan was raised predominantly by strong women, who infused his world with vision and service and left him with a deep reverence for Keep reading...

ep17 – Intimacy triggers us with Nicole Mathieson

{Unbreakable: Episode 17} Nicole Mathieson Intimacy triggers us Today's episode of Unbreakable is a little different. I felt the need to talk about the shift in direction for Unbreakable - towards exploring love, intimacy and relationships. To do this, I have invited back my podcast interviewing expert friend, Alana Helbig from Untangled. We talk about Keep reading...

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“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

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Nicole Mathieson is a give back ambassador with Joining Hands offering services and support to vulnerable and homeless young people.

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