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-get unstuck
-up-level your dynamics
-revive your faith in your partnership
-come back to the woman you want to be
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A coping tool that makes you heart strong
A tool that heals your heart.
It helps you cope with uncomfortable feelings.
It soothes the pain.
It helps you ward off anxiety
& gives you a sense that you can do this.

Rising stronger, clearer and more truly you
Making break ups or break downs the catalyst to powerful internal change. This is the clearest opportunity you have had to rebuild your life – not in the old “pleasing people” way but from a place of deep inner connection.
Create a life that is powerfully yours.

ep16 – Loving the one you’re with, with Sirgun Lindsay-German

{Unbreakable: Episode 16} Sirgun Lindsay-German Loving the one you're with In this episode of Unbreakable I talk to my beloved Kundalini yoga teacher Sirgun Lindsay- German. Once a week I show up on my mat in front of Sirgun as she inspires me to push through an entire cycle of mental anguish , physical pain Keep reading...

Ep 15 – Love, freedom and open relating with Rachel Rickards

{Unbreakable: Episode 15} Rachel Rickards   Love, freedom and open relating Imagine giving your partner total freedom - to the point that you can be in the same room with them while they are connecting intimately with another. How would you respond? Instead of going into a jealous rage, like most of us, my guest Keep reading...

ep14 – Letting go of mindcontrolling my life with Cassie Mendoza-Jones

{Unbreakable: Episode 14} Cassie Mendoza-Jones A few years back Cassie Mendoza-Jones put her heart, soul, time and money into a big work project. This project came to her easily and felt effortless and joyful. It felt like she was in total alignment, so you can imagine how devastating it was for her when the project Keep reading...

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“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

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