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Hi, I'm Nicole relationship and body image coach, couple therapist and author

Let me guess...

You are ready to do intimacy (with yourself and others) differently

You have been doing things the way you thought they had to be done.
It worked for a while.
But now it just feels critical, negative, oppressive, stuck and old.

You want things to change.

You want to feel comfortable being who you are, less frustrated, less critical & picky and less alone.

relationship coach for women

You want more.

More (deep) connection, more freedom to be truly you, more intimacy (in the true sense of the word , with your partner, with other humans and most of all with yourself), better tools for resilience, better communication skills and much better sex (even though you convince yourself you don't need it).

I help individuals and couples who;
  • Are in relationships that are feeling numb, tumultuous or disconnected
  • Are not sure whether to stay or go
  • Have lost their passion, attraction or libido 
  • Want to stop feeling angry, resentful and overly sensitive
  • Want to be able to share their needs with their partner without conflict
  • Feel lost and want to know themselves, their desires and how to find their truth
  • Want support and guidance while looking for love
  • Want support and guidance as they go through a break-up
  • Are ready to make peace with their bodies
  • Want to finally love who they are
  • Want to get some relationship skills and do this love thing well

Online or in person at 79 La Trobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane

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5 hours + resources

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Online or in person in Paddington, Brisbane.

After our session I went home a different woman - the wholesome, relaxed, present woman I've been yearning to unearth again. Everything slowed down. There was so much space and presence and love.

Kimberley Kevan // Occupational Therapist

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