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With love from me to you

1o tuning in and
nurturing practices
to spark and fuel
a love affair with yourself


Nurturing and
connecting practices 
to  fuel the flame of
your intimate relationship


and healing practices

to reconnect you to
your primal feminine power

Sweet Soul Whispers

A guided meditation
from your soul: 

the part of you that
loves you more than anything

Get tips for a stronger and smarter relationship

1o1 ideas to
inspire Fun and Joy
A sneak peak from my program
"Less struggle more joy"

Tools you will love
Jade egg

intimacy tool**


The Jade Egg is renowned for its ability to stimulate sexual energy, increase vaginal sensitivity, and strength and improve pelvic floor, but I am finding that it is one of the most simple and beautiful ways to connect intimately with myself. I am now recommending that everyone who works with me gets one. They are that good!

Tamra @ Getting naked is the go-to woman for Jade Eggs.

Purchase one here and get a copy of her E-book “Getting Naked” for Free – just add the code Nicole in the “Coupon” box.

Sonesence music

meditation music for effortless transformation**


The creator of Sonesence, Tahlee Rouillon, is truly gifted. Her music has an inbuilt capacity to not only move you emotionally but also neurologically. Deep within the soaring heights and earthy beats are hidden tones that take you effortlessly into more beneficial brain states.

Tahlee is the talent behind my very own meditation “heal your heart”. Her music album “True North” recorded on her personal adventure to Finland is just gorgeous.

My support crew

Jasmine Matthews – Web developer
Thank God for Jasmine. She is an angel. She has handled every aspect of putting this website together with professionality and grace.

Broderick Photography – Photos
Juanita is amazing. Her photos are out of this world. Filled with whimsy and enchantment. I love what she captured for me for this site.

Mum & Dad
Support and love all the time.

Iain & my 2 beautiful kids
My teachers, my companions, my entertainment & my constant reminders that I am human and that life is a blessing and I am here to savour every little moment.

And you lovely one
You are my inspiration. Couldn’t do it without you.

In order to be fully transparent, I want to let you know that I am an affiliate for these amazing products and services. This means I may receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase using this link. I assure you that I only ever recommend products and services that I have tried and tested and wholeheartedly believe in.

The proceeds from affiliate sales goes straight towards creating quality resources and products to help heal the planet, one relationship at a time. Your support and generosity means the world to me. Thank you

“Remember that true growth is always marked by increased openness and ability to love.” David Deida

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