a self compassionate approach to overcoming insecurity

Do you stuggle to feel confident in your body?

This course will help you finally find feel confident in your body by helping you become  kind, supportive and understanding of yourself and your beautiful body. Imagine speaking to yourself in a way that made you feel good, calm and safe. I mean, who wants to live in an inner world of meanness and judgement?

Not me, not you, Let’s say, no more to that!!

But it is not your fault. We have been bombarded with thousands of messages everyday, all our lives, comparing, judging and shaming our bodies. The world seems to be obsessed with how bodies look, and over time it makes us feel like our worth is centred on our looks and that our looks just don’t measure up. This constant nasty input creates a tendency for us to become nasty to ourselves about our bodies. We are cruel with self-judgement, self-criticism and negativity towards ourselves and our own bodies.

In my time writing the book, helping clients process body shame and in interviewing my guests on my Beauty Load podcast, I have realised that the most important thing we need to overcome this internal hell is self-compassion.

Self compassion is the key to releasing ourselves from the nasty and negative self image....of  all that pressure and negativity that the Beauty Load creates and to helping us find kindness, confidence and acceptance for our bodies so that we can get on with living our best and most confident lives.

This is the online course to guide you to the kind and compassionate inner world that helps you feel confident in your body, in this world obsessed with beauty.

Nicole's style of teaching is beautiful - non-judgemental, explorative and gentle. Her From Insecurity to Body Confidence course asks some big questions related to both society and ourselves, but does so in a way that leaves you feeling empowered, calm and peaceful.


This course is for you if...

  • You want to love your body, and you have tried but you can’t seem to truly get there
  • You are sick of the negative thoughts and self criticism you have about the way you look
  • Body angst and insecurity is holding you back from taking opportunities and living and loving as your most free and confident self
  • You have spent too much time, money and energy on trying to fix your body and you still never feel content so you are ready to try something new
  • It's time to lovingly accept yourself just as you are

What you will get when you enrol

7 lessons

Each lesson is concise (your time is valuable) and has an average watch time of 12 minutes.

  • 1 - What can self compassion do for us?
  • 2 - The Beauty Load pressure
  • 3 - Get to know your insecurity
  • 4 - What to do with your insecurity
  • 5 - How to be self compassionate
  • 6 - Tuning in to the good
  • 7 - The Insecure voice is still there and that's okay

6+ resource activities

Each lesson has supportive resources and activities to enhance the skills you are learning.

  • 1. 8 ways to move big emotions
  • 2. Set your intentions
  • 3. Map your Beauty Load pressure timeline
  • 4. Know your Insecure Voice worksheet
  • 5. Gratitude to your insecure part
  • 6. Soften, Soothe, Accept meditation
  • Plus more

"From Insecurity to Body Confidence is life changing and life affirming. I didn't realise how mean I was being to myself and just how much that was affecting me."

Kristy, Sydney

Plus these very special bonuses

Bonus material

The following bonuses have been created to enhance your journey to Body Confidence

  • Bonus 1: Comfort your upset parts meditation
  • Bonus 2: Chi Rub
  • Bonus 3: Values worksheet
  • Bonus 4: Loving eyes meditation

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What you'll learn

  • how to be kinder to yourself
  • how to harness the power of self-compassion
  • the impact our toxic body image culture has had on you
  • what to do with the negative and insecure thoughts
  • how to feel comfortable in your body and accept it how it is

This is a much needed course, and relatable for every woman.


About the Creator

I’m Nicole Mathieson, a couple therapist and relationship-focused counsellor helping people come back to themselves and learn practical, experiential skills to create more loving, connected and harmonious intimate relationships — with themselves and their partners.

For many years I have seen the Beauty Load doing its self-esteem-stealing damage in real time on my clients. It has become my mission to help women grapple with their self image and find love and acceptance for their bodies.

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"Nicole beautifully challenges what we've been taught, and asks us to think about our bodies in a different way.

Each section, while simple, effectively digs into beliefs that have shaped us, and guides us to start challenging and processing those beliefs"

Sarah, Brisbane

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I acknowledge and pay my respect to the Jagera and Turrbal people, the traditional custodians of the land on which I live, learn and work.