Safe and connected communication

Do you Find yourselves avoiding couple conversations?

So many couples are stuck because they don’t trust that they can communicate with each other in a safe and respectful way.

When this is the case, many things go unsaid, get put aside, swept under the rug or explode out in frustration when it all gets too much. This creates a feeling of distrust in the coupledom and results in a sense of disconnect. Being unable to communicate safely feels stuck and hopeless, like nothing can be addressed, resolved or improved and the cycle is further entrenched as the pattern repeats.

If this is you, you are not alone and my course Safe and Connected Communication is made to help.

This course is made for couples to do together. Each lesson builds towards you learning couples communication skills and a tried and tested communication strategy to cultivate a deeper understanding of each other and to help you feel deeply heard. With these skills and this strategy, communication becomes the avenue to find your way back to safety and connection so you can navigate difficult conversations and repair after conflict. You can trust that you can have all the conversations you need to have and stay safe and stay connected.

This course was full of so much useful info, but very digestible and easy to follow. Simple but powerful, all at the same time.

Loved it. I think most couples would benefit greatly from this course.

Leanne Stockwell

This course is for you if...

  • your communication feels stuck and negative
  • you avoid communicating
  • you can't bring up certain topics without conflict
  • the way you communicate makes you feel less secure
  • you feel more disconnected each time you try to communicate
  • your communication is holding you back as a couple
  • you are a couple or an individual wanting to improve your communication skills

What you will get when you enrol

6 lessons

Each lesson is concise (your time is valuable) and has an average watch time of 12 minutes.

  • 1. The set up
  • 2. The timing
  • 3. The Speaker's job
  • 4. The Listener's job
  • 5. Responding
  • 6. Bringing it all together

6 worksheets

Each lesson has supportive worksheets to enhance the skills you are learning.

  • 1. What are you willing to do?
  • 2. What's in your calm down toolkit?
  • 3. Speaker sentence starters
  • 4. Conversation opportunities
  • 5. Conversation ideas for couples
  • 6. SACC scripts

"We loved this course – we’ve been doing couples therapy for a while, but it was great to check back in again and have practical activities to do together (that we can print and do again later too).

Would highly recommend it for couples wanting to practice healthy communication."

Tegan and Tom, Brisbane

Plus these very special bonuses

Bonus material

The How to and How not to roleplays demonstrate all the skills and the technique bringing the SACC technique all together

  • 1. How not to communicate - role play starring me and my husband (you don't want to miss this!)
  • 2. How to communicate - another all star role play. This is the one to commit to memory.
  • 3. 8 ways to move big emotions
  • 4. 50 questions to ask your partner to feel more connected
  • 5. Self soothe after rupture - a guided meditation to help you regulate

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What you'll learn

  • the secrets to good communication
  • how to be a great listener
  • the keys to keeping yourself and your partner regulated
  • how to respond to your partner so that they feel understood and acknowledged
  • how to tell your partner how you feel without triggering them
  • the keys to keeping communication safe and connected
  • to trust that communication can bring you closer

We would recommend this course to other couple’s wanting to improve or practice their communication.

Nicole has an easy to understand way of explaining the communication concepts, and the practical activities were great for making us feel connected and in tune with each other.

Tegan and Tom

About the Creator

I’m Nicole Mathieson, a couple therapist and relationship-focused counsellor helping people come back to themselves and learn practical, experiential skills to create more loving, connected and harmonious intimate relationships — with themselves and their partners.

This is me and my hubby. We have been together since 1996 and have 2 teenager kids.It has been a journey, we have learnt a lot. Now we are like a good wine, getting better and better with age!

"One of the biggest takeways was that healthy communication is simple, and it doesn't have to be scary. We can take it step by step, and keep coming back to the basics."

Leanne, Brisbane

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"We really enjoyed doing the course. Thank you!

It was so nice as a resource to redo some of the activities we had done with you (in therapy) and felt really important to keep checking back in with each other"


I acknowledge and pay my respect to the Jagera and Turrbal people, the traditional custodians of the land on which I live, learn and work.