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Practical, heart centred guidance to help women, men and couples feel more love and desire in their long term relationships.

Communicate better square

Communicate Better

Communicate Better is a recording of an online workshop to help you communicate in your intimate relationships without fear or tension.

This workshop which is designed for you and your partner to do together, will you help you:

  • Learn skills to keep you out of the "square of despair"
  • Learn the 2 big secrets to intimate communication
  • Know the rules of engagement
  • Learn how to deal with conflict & reduce tension
  • Know what to avoid and how to frame conversations
  • Learn ways to share yourself and explore your partner to enhance intimacy

Cost - $30 Aus

Release resentment

Release Resentment

Release resentment is a recording of an online workshop to help you feel less cranky and more able to see the good in your partner.

This workshop you help you:

  • Become aware of your resentment and where it comes from
  • Make peace with your anger and resentment and the job it does for you
  • Forgive & find empathy for yourself and your partner
  • Learn ways to release and clear anger and resentment
  • Support and scaffold your resentment inducing moments
  • Learn strategies of clear communication and self support to stop the build up in future

Cost - $30 Aus

how to stop being a bitch to the one you love. relationship coach for women

How to stop being a bitch to the one you love

How to stop being a bitch to the one you love is a recording of an online workshop to help you create the loving, safe and connected relationship you want.

In this pre-recorded online workshop you will learn:

How to use the 3 steps to stop being a bitch
All the reasons we are bitches
The myths about relationships that are holding you back
Your bitch archetype
Your deeper values and why they are so important
What you are willing to do to have the relationship you want
Cost - $30 Aus

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More Joy less struggle

Do you ever feel like your life is all struggle and not much JOY?

  • You are cranky and depleted
  • Life is hectic
  • There is no time for rest or fun....and your relationship is suffering as a result

All this struggle is not your best you!

As wives, Mothers, and women these days – life is hectic. But does that have to mean that our life is not enjoyable?

Shift your relationship

Shift Your Relationship

What can you do to make your relationship feel better?

The answer is SO MUCH.

If you have been feeling stuck, cranky, resentful or disconnected in your relationship….
Now is the time to shift it into something that feels better.

Bringing your relationship back to love starts here.

Grateful love relationship coach for women Brisbane

Grateful Love

Feeling stuck, cranky or bitchy in your relationship?

Wondering why your partner can't get things right?

You need gratitude.

This challenge gently guides you to scan for goodness and to notice things that you just don't naturally see. Over the course of 21 days you will shift your mindset and change your neural pathways, improving the way you feel about your partner.

heal your heart

Heal Your Heart

10 minute meditation

Heal your Heart brings you back to the healing wisdom of your heart and soothes the ache.

It synchronises you to the pulse of life and to you allowing you to step closer to your relationship with yourself & to love.

"Now, whenever I feel fear, pain or sorrow in my heart, this meditation has become my elixir." Alana

"Best guided meditation I’ve ever done." Kristen