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The Beauty Load

Do you ever compare yourself to others, and feel like you don’t measure up?

This is not due to a lack of good looks, self-confidence or effort. It’s the Beauty Load in action, and you are not alone.

Our personal perception of our beauty, or the lack of it, can make us feel anything from numb to anxious, stressed and ashamed, and at worst like we don’t belong and that we are not worthy of being loved.

In the Beauty Load, counsellor Nicole Mathieson exposes the damaging and unrealistic beauty pressures society places on women, and shares how to let go of the struggle, feel confident about who you are in the world, and trust that you are worthy of love and connection — just by being you.

Grateful love relationship coach for women Brisbane

Grateful Love

Feeling stuck, cranky or bitchy in your relationship?

Wondering why your partner can't get things right?

You need gratitude.

This challenge gently guides you to scan for goodness and to notice things that you just don't naturally see. Over the course of 21 days you will shift your mindset and change your neural pathways, improving the way you feel about your partner.

heal your heart

Heal Your Heart

10 minute meditation

Heal your Heart brings you back to the healing wisdom of your heart and soothes the ache.

It synchronises you to the pulse of life and to you allowing you to step closer to your relationship with yourself & to love.

"Now, whenever I feel fear, pain or sorrow in my heart, this meditation has become my elixir." Alana

"Best guided meditation I’ve ever done." Kristen