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Do you feel cranky and overly negative towards your partner?

Gratitude can help.


Relationships (especially long term ones) are really hard. To be on this rollercoaster ride with another person through trials and tribulationsip it is so easy to get into a negative lense.

Negativity is the default.

And gratitude is the antidote.

Without a sense of gratitude and appreciation, we will not be as willing to do the necessary work of relationships. Work such as communication, repair, compromise, and supporting each other through tough times.
Without gratitude and appreciation, the hard work gets put in the "too hard" basket and things can start to disintegrate.
The Grateful Love course guides you to harness the power of your brain to cultivate gratitude.
In this course you will change the filters through which you see your partner, and this will have a powerful influence on the way you interact and communicate in your relationship.

Gratitude is a no brainer, but this course really made me realise how powerful and effective it can be to support my relationship.


This course is for you if...

  • You want to feel more positive towards your partner
  • You are sick of the negative thoughts and instant criticism you default to towards your partner
  • You want to feel more connected
  • You are ready to try something new
  • You know that your partner is not all bad, you just need some help to see the good bits

What you will get when you enrol

3 lessons

Each lesson is concise (your time is valuable) and has an average watch time of 8 minutes.

  • 1 - Why Gratitude helps our relationships
  • 2 - How to be Grateful
  • 3 - Gratitude practice options

Support materials

Each lesson has supportive resources and activities to enhance the skills you are learning.

  • 1. Questions prompts
  • 2. Gratitude meditation
  • 3. Ease the resistance meditation
  • 4. 21 Day gratitude grid

"I love the way Nicole explained the importance of gratitude in our relationships, it has really inspired me to keep this practice up."

Sheryl, Tamworth

Plus this very special bonus

Bonus material

The course bonus is a 21 day relationship gratitude challenge

  • Part 1: A gratitude grid to tick off as you go
  • Part 2: 21 different topics / angles for finding gratitude
  • Part 3: Question prompts
  • Part 4: My experience with this topic
  • Part 5: Guidance notes for each topic
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What you'll learn

  • an understanding of the brain and neuroplasticity
  • why you have been so negatively focussed especially in your relationship
  • how to let go of the resistance to seeing your partner through a positive lense
  • what to do with the negative thoughts and feelings
  • how to to use gratitude to benefit your relationship

This really did make us feel less negative to each other.


About the Creator

I’m Nicole Mathieson, a couple therapist and relationship-focused counsellor helping people come back to themselves and learn practical, experiential skills to create more loving, connected and harmonious intimate relationships — with themselves and their partners.

I have been married for 20+ years and like any marriage, we have had our ups and downs. We are lucky to have been on an upward trend for many years, but it is not by chance. It is only since I started getting smarter and taking responsibility for my part in the relationship that things have felt better.

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I acknowledge and pay my respect to the Jagera and Turrbal people, the traditional custodians of the land on which I live, learn and work.