Communicate better

Communicate better is an online workshop to help you feel more able to communicate in your intimate relationship without fear or tension.

I get asked a lot; "How can we communicate better when we are so bad at it?".

It is a good question, because most of us have never learned how to communicate well. We are running on past programming which mostly doesn't work.

Your investment: $30 Aus

This workshop will help you:
  • Learn communication skills and strategies
  • Know the do's and don'ts of communication
  • Know how to deal with conflict & reduce tension
  • Know what to avoid
  • Find ways to share yourself and explore your partner to enhance intimacy

You will be sent the video, audio, journal prompts, resources and dialogue guides.

This workshop is for you if;
  • You and your partner are not good at communicating
  • You get stuck in the same old negative patterns
  • Communication leads to conflict & tension
  • You don't know how to improve
  • You want to feel closer to your partner
  • You need some guidelines

"Just wanted to personally thank you for today. I got SO much out of your workshop! Having never done a workshop with you before nor ever using zoom I didn't know what to expect. Now having done one I am super keen on future workshops and cannot wait for the next one."                 Nicole

"Your last talk changed so much for our relationship. I have since had bub no. 2 and this too has given me so many 'ah ha' moment. Thank you!!!!"          Olivia

“Remember that true growth is always marked by increased openness and ability to love.” David Deida

Ready to be relationship smart?

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