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I’m Nicole Mathieson, relationship coach for women


How is your relationship feeling?


I guide women to feel supported and centred from within so that they can thrive in their intimate relationship.

My aim is to help you develop your confidence and relationship skills so that you can create the relationship you have always wanted.

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We imagine the fairytale – find a partner and then live happily ever after…. but as we soon learn this is not real, and when the reality looks SO different, we can feel like relationship failures.

Challenges such as the following arise:

  • tension
  • disconnection
  • communication issues
  • low desire
  • boredom
  • anger and resentment
  • rejection

We do our best, but often we need help and guidance to develop the awareness, skills, and tools required to make the changes we desire.

I truly believe that as women, we have the power to shift and heal our relationships. Indeed, there is often so much that we can change before we even need to involve our partners.
Relationships show us where we need to heal, grow and take responsibility. At times, these challenges can turn us into grumpy, nagging bitches, but they are also an invitation to connect within, love ourselves more and radiate the love that is there in our big, beautiful hearts.

Let me teach you the tools and skills to be the woman you want to be in your relationship and to raise the vibration from the inside out.


Work with me:

-to be the radiant woman you want to be
-to uplevel the energy dynamics of your relationship or future relationship
-to heal old wounds, patterns and fears
-to open your heart to love
-to get clear, self-responsible and boundaried
-to be your own champion.


After our session I went home a different woman – the wholesome, juicy, relaxed, present woman I’ve been yearning to unearth again. Everything slowed down. There was so much space and presence and love.

Kimberley Kevan
Intimacy & Lifestyle Coach, Occupational Therapist


This is for you if:

– you are in a relationship but it is feeling numb and disconnected
– you are not sure whether to stay or go
– you want your passion and libido back
– you want to lose the bitchy, resentful crankiness and return to love
– you are single and you want to get ready for intimacy
– you need to process a break up
– you want to get some relationship skills and do this thing well
– you are ready for more intimacy




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My Offerings


A powerful single session
A one hour one-on-one Skype call with Nicole.
The shift – a 2 month immersion
Shift your relationship dynamics, centre yourself in your heart and come back to the woman you want to be.


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Who am I?

– I am a relationship coach, kinesiologist and Gottman level 2 trained therapist. My aim when you work with me is for you to learn relationship skills and build a strong sense of self confidence so that you feel centred, supported and ready to be intimate. Read more about my story here. Listen to my story here.

-I believe that our power is in staying connected to our selves. When we are there for ourselves, our relationships become easier. Check out this blog post.

– I love my clients and feel deeply honoured to have the opportunity to hold space for each and every one of them. This work is deep and transformational. This is what they say. click here.

– I have been in a relationship with my husband for over 20 years. There have been challenges along the way, but with focus, awareness and a lot of heart, we remain as loved up and connected as ever.

– I am a teacher & presenter.  I also love the spotlight. Need someone to bring the heart & relationships into your event? Let’s talk.


Still unsure?

Email me for more information on my offerings and how I can help you.

hi (at) nicolemathieson (dot) com.



“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

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