Your body is a messenger

our body is a messenger Nicole Mathieson kinesiologist, confidence coach

Your body is a messenger.

Are you hearing its call?

We are pretty good at ignoring the messages from our bodies.

Or is it just me?

When our bodies feel uncomfortable we will often take some form of action to make them comfortable again. Generally speaking, we turn to the quickest, easiest solution available whether it be:

  • numbing out with addictions
  • suppressing it with food
  • distracting ourselves with Social media or TV
  • ignoring it with pain killers
  • getting cranky at it
  • and telling it to go away

We are really good at it and who can blame us, I mean comfort is nice, right?  But maybe we are just a little too good. Because, in essence, this body that we reside in, is a messenger. And whate we ignore, will get louder until it is a screaming, terrifying beastie.  Ahhhhh!!!!

I learnt this the hard way;

For many years I was out of my body and in total denial of this part of me. I had chronic pain that was only getting worse. My pain was telling me to look inside, yet I didn’t want to know about it. I was scared of my truth and I just kept ignoring the signs and applying band aid solutions until one day I cracked under the pain of it all.

The truth was, I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. It had got to the point, where there was nothing scary enough within me, that could be worth this agony.

So I started listening. And 15 years later, I have got pretty good at listening. These days, I know better than to ignore the signals. And more often than not, I tune in before it becomes a big deal. Here is an example;


Just the other day I had a pain in my heart.

I woke up with it.

It was not coming from my anatomical heart it was right in the center of my heart space – I knew it was in the 2nd chamber of my heart (as I have become really familiar with the heart and its nuances, spaces and messages.) The second chamber, to me, signals self-worth –  knowing and trusting my value.

I had to meditate to get to it and hear its message. When I did, I realised that it was about me believing in myself as I stepped out of my comfort zone (yes, I have big plans that I will reveal soon)

I dropped into the vibration of self-belief. It felt better.

So then I went about my day.

But over time the pain came back.

So I stopped and meditated again – re-establishing the vibration of self-belief before moving on with my day yet again.

But it kept coming back.

Time and again.

Until I realised that my work on this day, was not my to-do list, it was to simply to hang-out in this vibration of self-belief.

My body was my guide

This was an important day for rewiring and reprogramming and hanging in that vibration. An important day for my big visions. Trusting the signals from my body was the most important thing I could do to help me get where I want to go.


Our bodies hold the signals.

If we don’t listen, the signals will get stronger and stronger until they are screaming at us.

So I have a question for you.

What is it that your body is telling you?


Try this;

Give your body your presence. (no judgement)

Trust its signs and signals.

Offer your body your ear.

Tune in.

Nurture it and give it all the time it needs.


Your body is a part of your blue print – It is a big part of what you are here on the Earth to express, share and heal.

Distrusting your body does not help anyone and does not take you where you are destined to go.

If you think about your body as the vessel and the messenger. What is its message – in this moment? In the big picture?

If you think about your purpose being to love yourself for who you are, even with the conditions that you find yourself in – then what does your body teach you?

Your body has lessons and wisdom for you in this moment.

Leave a comment and let me know what wisdom your body has for you.

Take care


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