What your soul wants (more than anything)

What your soul wants. Nicole Mathieson Kinesiology & Intimacy Coaching


What would your soul say if you asked her what she wanted?

(if you are uncomfortable about using the word soul – just think about the part of you that wants you to be unashamedly & vibrantly you)

Would she care about that thing that is stressing you out right now?
Would she want you to fret about your extra kilo of fat?
Would she encourage you to punish yourself for that thing you said yesterday?

Hell no! She would not.

Your soul is the part of you that loves you more than anything. She is the part of you that wants THE very best and most fulfilled life for you.

In fact all she really wants is for you to love you.

That is her aim in this lifetime of yours.

She is crafting the conditions to make that possible. Sometimes it has to get so bad that you crack open. Sometimes she bitch slaps you in the face. Other times  (for the lucky ones) she gently guides you down a path of gradual awakening.

So that part of you that you cannot love – she has gifted you that so that you can learn to love yourself not from a superficial “everything is perfect” perspective but from an unconditional “human” perspective.

She has never wanted or needed you to be perfect.

That is your EGO.

She wants you to love yourself with your imperfections.

The thing about this lady soul of yours is that, she will have her way with you. You can resist, but you will feel heavy with the tension of that. You soon learn to trust her and that she is you without the resistance, doubt and fear.

All she wants is for you to love. She wants you to love by pleasuring yourself.
She wants you to nourish the internal circulation of love.
-to enjoy being you
-to savour the moments
-to celebrate and OWN your uniqueness.

True pleasure is in communion with her.
It is in letting go of doubting the value of what you bring and loving it up.

Pleasure guides you to your soul. Just as she guides you to pleasure. Whichever way you choose you get there.

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