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{Relationship-smart women: Episode 31}


Jacqueline Hellyer

Sex is like food

If your partner were to feed you eggplant for dinner every night, and you didn’t like eggplant, you would say something.

Sadly, we don’t feel as expressive in the realms of sex and intimacy. We put up with offerings we don’t like, year in, year out, and then wonder why we have “lost” our libido.

In my conversation with inter-personal sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer, we come back often to the food metaphor, particularly eggplant. I love it! I feel that the metaphor really works. You realise how crazily blocked we are around sexual communication.

Jacqueline also shares with us;

  • the problems with western sexuality and the masturbatory approach
  • the bonding function of sex and why we need to talk to our partners
  • how to get your kids sex ready
  • why “meaningless” sex is worse for everyone involved
  • porn
  • and of course eggplants

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More about Jacqueline

One of the leading voices in what she calls the ‘third wave’ of sexuality – beyond shame, beyond sleaze, towards meaningful sex – Jacqueline Hellyer is a sex and relationship guru who is influencing minds and bedrooms across the globe. In a world where fake sex sells anything but real sex is hard to know, Jacqueline brings her depth of knowledge, wisdom and genuine love to help people access their real, positive, life-enhancing sexuality, for greater well-being, closer relationships and happier lives. Jacqueline is an accredited Psychosexual Therapist with the Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS) – one of only a handful of practitioners in Australia with this level of certification; and is a Professional Certified Coach, with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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