Why passion matters



Does it matter? What is it? Why do I need to feel it?

Passion is a good feeling. It makes us feel alive. It is a fire in the belly that can show us whether this is something we love and need to go towards or if this is a cause that needs us to fight.

It matters because it draws us into alignment with our spirit.

With passion, our systems are able to override our nice girl, survival brain and connect directly with our heart and soul from where we feel a knowing that we are exactly where we need to be. It is a guide. And as souls on a life journey we need guidance. It matters. We can be guided by passion for;

  • Creativity
  • A cause
  • Our partners and kids
  • Movement
  • Nourishing food
  • Our purpose
  • Chocolate
  • Adventure
  • Hot sex

But, sometimes it can be easy to slip into living in a state of numbness, in which there is a vast landscape of grey. Even the most tried and tested good feeling occasions can be met with numbness, and we don’t really feel any of it. Not the highs not the lows. Do you know this feeling? Overtime it can lead to a state of despair. We know deep in our souls that something is not right.

Passion, in the bedroom and elsewhere, matters more than you might think. Of course, you don’t always need to be in a state of heightened desire – that would not be sustainable nor would it feel right. We know all too well, as women, the cyclical nature of feelings, passion often peaking as we ovulate and leaving us completely as we menstruate.

But neither does it feel right to be switched too far in the off mode. When numbness is too all encompassing.

Lying back and taking one for the team (in the bedroom but also in other areas of your life) becomes soulless over time and can start creating tension, resentment and disappointment. Recognising that you do this, that you are in grey mode and that something has to give, can create a sense of stuckness. It feels like you have very unappealing choices;

  • To let go of expectations and just go through the motions – more numbness.
  • To abstain, just opt out – at the expense of intimate relations.
  • Or to create dramatic big confrontational changes.

Eek – this just makes us want to run for cover!

But what if there was another option?

One that did not require any external effort, work or confrontation, but was purely an internal shift. A shift in which there was a new commitment;

  • To good feeling states
  • To connecting in to what feels right
  • To stirring up the energy of the sacral chakra
  • To challenging the limiting beliefs around pleasure
  • To exploring your capacity to feel worthy
  • To taking back your power to be the creative force in your life
  • To allowing yourself to feel in and identify with your innate beauty

What do you say? Is there a stirring in your loins? Is this something that might shift you up a gear into a new and perhaps more whole experience of life?

Make a commitment to the fire in your belly. Listen to its murmurings, and follow its lead. The first step to healing is the acknowledgement of where you are stuck. From that point on the sky is the limit.

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Sensual Soul workshop

Sensual Soul Workshop

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