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{Unbreakable: Episode 17}
Nicole Mathieson
Intimacy triggers us

Today’s episode of Unbreakable is a little different. I felt the need to talk about the shift in direction for Unbreakable – towards exploring love, intimacy and relationships. To do this, I have invited back my podcast interviewing expert friend, Alana Helbig from Untangled.
We talk about why I believe that as women we need more practical support as we manage the epic soulful evolutionary experience of relationships. Relationships are hard – not because we are with the wrong person or we are stuffing it up, but because intimacy by it’s very nature triggers us.

I share with you:
+ The big crisis / expansion points that have shifted my relationship over the years
+ My theory on intimacy triggering us and how it is so often mistaken for us being with the wrong partner
+ How marriage as an institution is evolving and changing with the times
+ How relationships are like mortality – they don’t last forever and why this is a good thing
+ My big tips for shifting the energy of your relationship without changing him

Enjoy xx


Listen in to Intimacy triggers us:



Resources mentioned:

Esther Perel – Mating in Captivity

Alana Helbig – Untangled podcast

Nicole Mathieson – Relationship coaching

More about Nicole:

Nicole Mathieson is a relationship coach helping women navigate the ups and downs of relationships and come out thriving.
Our intimate relationships challenge us by showing us exactly where we are stuck and which wounds are ready to heal. It can be really easy to blame, get resentful or just throw it all away, when a lot of the time, what we are being asked of is to grow and evolve. Nicole brings her years of experience as a kinesiologist and the wisdom gained from 20 years with her husband to guide you into a relationship that feels deeply connected and has you feeling like the woman you want to be in your relationships.

Where to find me:

Website:   www.nicolemathieson.com
Facebook:   www.facebook.com/NicoleMathiesonpage
Instagram:   www.instagram.com/nicole_mathieson

Words of wisdom:



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