Why doesn’t my husband make me happy anymore?

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When we first met, we were so in love. Everything was beautiful and easy, and I felt so alive. But now It feels hard. It is not that I don’t love him, it is just that… I don’t feel loving towards him”

Can you relate?

This is a common story I hear in my practice.

Many women wonder “What the hell happened to our love? Is it ever going to feel that good again?

If this is you, I understand it can feel like a scary place. And yet, it can also be an important starting point for transformation.

Romantic love does not last forever but, given the right energy and focus, something even more real, deep and lasting can bloom

So where do you focus?

You could focus on your partner and what they could or should be doing – sliding into blame, resentment or disappointment.

But, can I ask you – Is this what you are doing now? Is it working?
Focusing on what you lack is not the way forward. It only gives you more of the same.


What if you became the change you wish to see in your relationship?
What if you gave yourself the time and space to reconnect to yourself and your inner spark of joy? And then brought that into the relationship?

How you feel sets up how your relationship feels.

If you shift your energy first, your relationship transforms for the better.

I experienced it for myself several years ago as I extracted myself from the post baby funk.

And I’ve since witnessed many of my clients having truly extraordinary breakthroughs.

And I am ready to guide you to feel it too. 

The difference is a shift of focus, away from “Why doesn’t he make me happy anymore?” and onto “How do I create the conditions and energy that works for me?”.

Need some help in taking the next step?

Grab my program More Joy less struggle which is designed to create more joy in you and bring back the spark in your relationship.

Or book a discovery call with me to see if working together would work for you.

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