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When you can trust your heart to feel – You are free.


Your heart is an incredible {lady} organ.

  • She effortlessly finds her own rhythm to bring life force and love to every one of your 3 trillion cells without you even thinking about it – for your whole life.
  • She emits an electro magnetic frequency and is communicating at a level of sophistication and sensitivity beyond any of your spoken words to 3000 x any other organ in your body – even the brain.
  • She is a portal to a universe of knowing, tuning you into the language of your soul, and the directives of your spirit
  • She transforms tension, struggles and big emotions into wisdom.
  • She has such a depth and capacity to connect, to feel and to care that brings you to your knees.

Oh she is so beautiful.

Yet perhaps you don’t trust her. Really. Truly.

  • You might think you need to protect her from feeling certain emotions.
  • You think you need to control your life so that she does not have to feel those emotions.
  • You think that if life does offer up an uncomfortable emotion that it would be better to distract, disconnect and detour the emotion to the head in case she (your heart) is overwhelmed.
  • You think that life will be better if you build a brick wall around her to protect her from feeling, forgetting that this blocks you from your joy too.

But your heart, when she feels, she shows you how it is to be alive.

Those feelings you protect her from are her prana. They give life. They give depth, give perspective, teach you compassion & make you wise.

If we don’t process our thoughts in our heart, if we continue to fear processing them, we lose our power. We have to expend so much energy manipulating our world that we become drained and anxious.

So here are my 3 pointers for effortless heart healing

  1. Be curious, adventurous and inquisitive

    Ask “how does this emotion feel? How does fear, anger or shame feel in my body or in my heart?” Welcome the wisdom. Turn this fear of feeling the difficult emotions into courage. Make your mantra – “there is no fear too great” or “I am the champion of my heart”

  2. Keep it in the heart

    When you feel something – do not ask yourself questions such as “what is going on here?” or “what is this about?” Sure it is important to analyse at times but asking these questions take you quick smart out of your body & heart and straight into your head. If you can stay with your heart, you will find these emotions will be processed and will magically transform. So instead of asking what is this? Ask yourself “how does this feel?” give it a size, a shape, a landscape, a symbol, whatever you need to do. But stay present in your heart.

  3. Trust her to do her job. Let her feel

    When you open to letting your heart feel, you are not only letting the tough emotions be processed and transformed into wisdom you are also letting goodness in. You are opening to the flow. When you know that you can feel it all, you know you can deal with the ups and downs. You can let go of all that exhausting control.

To help you bravely feel & heal your heart, I have created a potent little tool for you to feel safe with your emotions. Heal you heart a transformational meditation takes you back to the steady loving rhythm of your nature.

(of course sometimes there is a whole lot more resistance than a few tips and a meditation can deal with. If this is you, maybe it is time to book a deepening session with me or seek other professional counsel).

This is some of the lovely feedback my meditation has received;


“When I first heard this meditation, my heart swelled and tears tickled my eyes. Together, through the gentle, earthy music and Nicole’s soothing words, my heart and I journeyed through the depths of the darkness and came out the other side lighter and free. Now, whenever I feel fear, pain or sorrow in my heart, this meditation has become my elixir. Every woman needs this in her meditation toolkit. It truly heals the heart.” – Alana Helbig


“Your meditation is absolutely stunning – I’ve listened to it today and phwooar, my heart is in sync! So powerful! I can’t wait to continue to listen to it. Heal your heart is the perfect name!” – Melissa Sandon


Take it gently, get help and adopt the spirit of adventure.

I wish you lots of love & courage in your heart journey,

Lots of love



  1. Alana on December 8, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    Nicole, what a beautiful post. I am only just learning to listen to my heart. At first it was scary but now it’s kind exciting.I’m so glad I have your meditation with me to hold my heart’s hand. x

  2. Nicole on December 8, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Thanks honey, you and your heart are unstoppable

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