Ep 13 – You can’t keep a good witch down with Sarah Durham Wilson

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{Unbreakable: Episode 13}
Sarah Durham Wilson


You can’t keep a good witch down

Sarah Durham Wilson has had her fair share of moments on the bathroom floor, including one years ago that initiated a full kundalini awakening and her spiritual path into Do it girl.
At the time of this interview, Sarah was there again, in the dark. Darkness initiated, amongst other things, by the loss of her beloved fur baby and navigating motherhood alone.
Sarah doubted whether she could be on a show called Unbreakable whilst feeling so broken, but this is precisely what I love about this episode. She is in it, feeling it all, stripped back to nothing and opening up to us about the experience – the pain, the teachings and the richness. And even there, deep in it, she is able to trust her own unbreakable spirit.
As is always the case in any conversation with Sarah, this interview is laced with mythology, mysticism and imagery that brings her words to life and transports us to worlds and possibilities beyond our own.

Sarah also shares with us:

+ How being in the dark does not mean being in agony
+ The journey of Innana and why stripping back to nothing is so full of richness
+ The hard learned lesson that nobody is coming to save us – we have to save ourselves!
+ The epic journey from maiden to mother to crone and where she is at right now
+ Where she goes to get her guidance in moments of fear – think mystical and magical!
+ Why she is ready for battle and suited up & how activism is no longer a choice


Listen in:



Resources mentioned:


Sarah’s program The teachings of Inanna

Lisa Lister – dark goddess in the UK

Descent to the Goddess – Sylvia Brinton Perera

Georgia O’Keefe

Jean Shinoda Bolan

Eve Ensler

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

More about Sarah:

Sarah Durham Wilson is a women’s writer and leader. Once a rock journalist in New York City & L.A., her Saturn Return viscerally ended one life and began another: one devoted wholly to the Goddess. A teacher & retreat leader, she’s journeyed thousands of women through witch awakenings, onto the Priestess Path, and she now leads them across the bridge of the archetypal Maiden to Mother Passage, which is her current focus & devotion.

Where to find her:

Website:  doitgirl.com
Facebook:  Facebook.com/DOITGIRLS
Instagram:  sarahdurhamwilson


Words of wisdom:


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