What is your favourite excuse?

expand your joy

What is your favourite excuse for holding yourself back from relaxing in to contentment and joy?

Letting ourselves slip in to joy means opening ourselves up and allowing what is.

This is not a modus operandi that we are comfortable in. We are much better at making stuff happen, being the action, doing the work and keeping busy.

So we come up with extremely logical sounding reasons as to why we can’t possibly enjoy ourselves or feel content right now.

Here are the top 10 excuses people use to not feel content or enjoy this moment of life.

  1. I am too busy
  2. I am too fat / thin / hairy / poor / uneducated etc.
  3. I haven’t finished my to-do list yet
  4. I am not worthy
  5. I have forgotten how
  6. I am too tired
  7. Things are not how I imagined they would be at this stage of my life
  8. Someone did something bad by me and I need to show them how much it hurts
  9. I need to focus everything on my kids / partner
  10. There is so much suffering in the world. Who am I to be happy?

Do you recognise any of these?

Which one is your personal favourite?

How would it feel to step past the fear of vulnerability and to allow yourself moments of open, soft, contentment? Holding the trust that you are enough and that whatever happens, you are okay.

The pleasure program starting on Monday 1st September is a program designed to help you become more comfortable allowing pleasure, joy and contentment.  The program is based on the 6 keys of pleasure. The keys point to your capacity to create, nourish and expand pleasure from your inner world. The program features a bonus interview on pleasure by Love, Sex, Desire goddess Susana Frioni.

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Let’s have some fun.

Lots of love


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