ep 32: How numb are your lady parts? with Tamra Mercieca

How numb are your lady parts, relationship-smart women, Nicole Mathieson

{Relationship-smart women: Episode 32}


Tamra Merieca

How numb are your lady parts?

Are your lady parts numb?

How much feeling is down there?

My next guest Tamra, is all about self-love, and by this, I mean truly…. on every level. Which means that she really encourages us to love, and care for our vaginas.

Tamra is the founder of Getting Naked, and Yoga for the Vagina. She is a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, and an author.

If the idea of getting back into a state of love with your vagina makes you uncomfortable, then this episode is for you. Tamra talks us through some of the health issues and benefits of having a healthy loving relationship down there.

Tamra also shares with us;

  • The fierceness of boundaries that motherhood brings
  • The relationship with self and its effect on everything
  • Having to have strong boundaries with her own mother
  • All the juicy things you can learn from dating

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More about Tamra

Tamra Mercieca is a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, Author and founder of the school Getting Naked Pty Ltd. She guides ladies and gents out of fear and ill mental and physical health, into a life they absolutely adore.

How? Through the techniques she has developed during her own journey out of depression and into love.

Love is Tamra’s speciality. She helps people tap into their own internal supply of love. Because when you have deep self-love, of the unconditional variety, the searching and striving ends. Life becomes a playground of opportunity, adventure and deep, authentic love!

Where to find her:



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